Etna update, 24/03/2023

During the past 14 days, the usual gas emissions occurred at the summit craters of Mt Etna. These continued to be most vigorous at Bocca Nuova, with intermittent pulses. Some gas rings were also observed, as photos on social media showed. This could indicate deep-seated explosive activity at Bocca Nuova. At the southeast crater complex, some gas persistently rose from the central crater between the old and new southeast craters. In addition, some gas was persistently emitted from the northern summit area of New Southeast Crater. There are fractures and fumarole fields from which heat and gas are emitted. During the nights, light sensitive webcams also showed one or two glowing spots here. At Voragine and Northeast Crater only weak gas emission was visible.

Online seismograms from the ECNE station showed occasional weak signals over the past two weeks. Some of these may have been explosion signals.
The tremor increased slightly over the past 14 days and is at a medium level [1].

On 14.03. an earthquake of magnitude 2.0 occurred west of Monte Spagnolo (northwest flank). On 16.03. an earthquake of magnitude 1.6 was registered at Monte Arcimis (southeast flank). On 17.03. an earthquake of magnitude 1.6 occurred south of Adrano (southwest flank). On 17.03. two earthquakes with magnitudes of 3.1 and 2.4 respectively occurred near Randazzo (northwest flank) [2].

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