Etna update, 07/05/2023

In the late evening of 06 May, a small explosive ash emission occurred on the upper eastern to northeastern flank of New Southeast Crater. On photos taken by INGV thermal imaging cameras, the explosion was visible as a small thermal anomaly around 23:25 (local time). Light-sensitive webcams also showed the explosive event. The explosion released a mushroom-shaped cloud of ash and steam that traveled in an easterly direction. After the event, pulsating glow could be seen on light-sensitive webcams for at least an hour. Escaping gas was apparently illuminated from below.
In the further course of the night and also today during the day I could not recognize any new explosive activity over the webcams. There was only increased gas or steam emitted from this area.
The increased gas emissions, as well as faint glow on the upper northeast flank had already been noticed since April 23.

The tremor did not increase before the explosion, but on the contrary was even slightly lower than on the previous days. It continues to fluctuate at a medium level [1].

1 - INGV-Sezione di Catania. 2023. Home. TREMORE VULCANICO. ECNE

Webcam photo by INGV - Piedimonte Etneo cam (NE flank).

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