Etna update, 21/05/2023

This morning, a paroxysm occurred at the Southeast Crater complex of Mt Etna. A lava fountain and a lava flow were released in a southerly direction. Ash rain fell in Adrano and Catania.

Torrential rains, stormy winds and dense clouds made it impossible to observe the summit region of Etna with webcams yesterday and today. The tremor, which also fluctuated at a high level yesterday, began to increase slowly at first from about 07:00 this morning. From about 08:00, the increase accelerated intensely and the tremor reached very high levels.
Unfortunately, none of the webcams allowed observation of the eruptive activity. However, around 12:40 p.m., the INGV webcam stationed in Catania showed ashfall. Ash and lapilli rains were also reported on social networks in various localities (e.g., Bronte, Adrano, Biancavilla). Around 11:30 a.m., the tremor decreased significantly and has been fluctuating at a medium level since then. Tonight it loosened up a bit and now glowing areas were visible via the webcams in the area between Monte Barbagallo and Monte Frumento Supino. This indicates that a lava flow has moved down the southern flank. During numerous previous paroxysmal phases of the Southeast Crater complex, most recently in February 2022, lava flows have already moved down here, released from the breach in the southern or southwestern flank of Southeast Crater. Also, via the Monte Cagliato thermal imager, the Southeast Crater complex was visible from the east for a very short time this evening. Here, at first glance, no new lava flows were visible, so the lava probably escaped only in a southerly direction.

Webcam photo by INGV - La Montagnola cam (S flank)

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