Etna update, 09.06.2023

Last week, Mt Etna remained calm, but there was another intense series of earthquakes. This occurred on the western flank of the mountain.

Bad weather with lots of clouds hampered the observation of the summit craters via webcams almost constantly during the past week. During the few cloud-free moments I could see the usual gas emissions, which were again most intense at Voragine. At the Southeast Crater complex, most of the gas was released from the eastern to northern summit area of New Southeast Crater. Enhanced by the high humidity and the heat of the still hot material from the last paroxysm, a lot of steam was also emitted there. Only little gas was released at Voragine and Northeast Crater.

The evaluation of the data from the GPS stations did not reveal any particular anomalies for the period 29.05. to 04.06. [1].
The signals of the clinometric stations showed no significant deviations in the period from 29.05. to 04.06. [1].

The measurement of infrasound activity at the summit craters was occasionally disturbed by strong winds in the period from 29 May to 4 June. Otherwise, the activity was similar to the previous week with a decreasing trend of events. The amplitude of the events was low. The source of the activity was mainly Bocca Nuova/Voragine. The southeast crater, on the other hand, played a subordinate role [1].

The sulphur dioxide emissions at the summit craters were at a medium level in the week from 29 May to 04 June and were subject to a decreasing trend.
Ground carbon dioxide emissions (ETNAGAS station) decreased slightly during the same period and remained at a medium level [1].

The online seismograms of station ECNE were not available last week.
The tremor was at a medium level during the past week and was subject to only minor fluctuations [2].

On 04.06. a pronounced series of earthquakes occurred in the area of Monte Lepre (western flank). The strongest tremors reached magnitudes of 2.5 to 2.8. The quakes occurred at depths between 17 and 26 km [3].

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