I have been fooling around with and tooting & tweeting to test the SW.

You can so that the test toots don’t mess with other user’s feeds by having the posts set to be direct messages to no-one on the Mastodon side. You get to see if it is working without bothering anyone.

If you are recently from the , as I am, it takes awhile to realize you are not shouting into the void here but in conference with others.

And ofc it is also good general to toot tweets as toots rather than most of the time.

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Also (separate from crossposting), direct messages to no-one are a great way to store a draft toots. When the toot is ready, you can cut & paste into a new visible toot.

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@EubieDrew Thanks for this! I've been eating up posts like this one trying to get an idea of the culture on the platform. If you don't mind me asking, what is an unlisted toot and how is that accomplished?


Perhaps this screen cap will help. It might look different if you are using an app.

@EubieDrew Using appropriate hashtags can keep a post alive and in the conversation for a long time. I have heard blind users ask that we keep hashtags at the end of the posts for the sake of screen readers which always verbalize "hashtag."

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