Use pre-paid plans and change SIM cards often.

Use LineageOS without Google Play services.

Turn off your phone and put it in a Faraday bag when you don't need it.

Start leaving your phone at home more often. It's more freeing.

@EzriJayu I personally have no issue with (most) of my information being tracked. However if I was this would be good advice.

Why change SIM cards?

Also, is there a way to poison the GPS data? Providing the people tracking you with fake or noisy signal?

noorul - Using #LineageOS and #MicroG can feed fake gps feed.

Even with changing #SIM, IMEI, mobile model is recorded.

One thing I do is minimise telecom calls and moving towards VoIP

Most interesting point you've given is to leave to mobile device will free us.

I leave my device on other room every night going to bed.

I leave devices back home if I make trip to shrt distrance/time

Claim your #freedom, put down the device.

P.S. typing out my MotoG

@mprv @EzriJayu
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