long rambling about the fediverse, possibly boring 

A couple of thoughts about the #fediverse

1. What is the fediverse?
#mastodon, #misskey, #pleroma and others are social networks comparable to Facebook in 2010: real human beings sharing mundane things to small audiences of friends, acquaintances or friendly strangers.
Nowadays it seems that the big platforms, especially Youtube and Twitter, have turned into broadcasts where a few big influencers present the talking point of the day to massive audiences who consume those opinions, often without adding anything themselves.
But that is no longer a "social network", that is watching TV, although admittedly sometimes you can interact with the "stars" - that wasn't possible in the TV age
In the fediverse on the other hand there are no big influencers (yet), so interactions between users are a two-way street, with all participants in a discussion usually adding their viewpoints and most opinions having equal weight.

2. How will the fediverse grow?
Many fediverse users will probably fantasize about accelerating growth until Twitter, Facebook and TikTok give up and hand the social media crown to the fediverse. Everyone uses federated services, the world is a better place.
I really believe that this is a dangerous desire and the fediverse must rather grow slowly and organically. It will likely never compete directly with the big players.
But the winning strategy for those who believe in the fediverse's future will be persistence. While most social media companies have a limited lifespan, the fediverse and the underlying ActivityPub protocol can stay around long after the currently fashionable platforms have gone bankrupt.
The goal should not be to turn into the next platform for influencers to bring fashionable opinions to the masses, but to stay true to the (grass-)roots: being a place where real human beings can share mundane things to small audiences.


long rambling about the fediverse, possibly boring 


But that is no longer a “social network”, that is watching TV, although admittedly sometimes you can interact with the “stars” - that wasn’t possible in the TV age

This is very well put.

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