it is much easier to have compassion for your spouse if you have compassion for yourself
– Bessel van der Kolk, interview

Ballet Jeunesse/MatthiasArfmann: Je rêve

Ballet Jeunesse: rearrangments of the classical hits of European ballet
music, taking them out of theatres and onto the dance floor!

Full album:

Onejiru: Jerusalem

Onejiru of Ballet Jeunesse (Hamburg, DE) fame, itself a very interesting project.

Many people believe that much of U.S. debt is owed to foreign countries like China and Japan. The truth is, most of it is owed to Social Security and pension funds.

I learned something today.

I am puzzled 🤔 ... What political standpoint is this?

Beth Ditto: In and Out

I would love you like a millionaire
living on a dollar a day.

– Beth Ditto: In and Out

Great and very catchy bassline, good singing, good story, fun song.

Charlotte Brandi feat. Dirk von Lowtzow: WIND

Was hab ich davon ein Mensch zu sein, wenn wir Tage in Bernstein verwahren
Ich wiege mich nur im Wind allein, und ich träume fast jede Nacht davon wie wir waren

– Charlotte Bandi with Dirk von Lowtzow: Wind

All Time Low: Monsters

Why do all the monsters come out at night?
why do we sleep where we want to hide?
why do I run back to you like I don’t mind if you fuck up my life?

– All Time Low: Monsters

An interesting note on depicting dinosaurs based on their skeletal remains. The main point is that real life animals have all sorts of skin flas, fat deposits, etc. Dinosaurs probably looked much different than we depict them. To illustrate the point, the piece contains several pictures of contemporary animals drawn in the same style as we draw prehistoric animals: take the bones, put some muscles on the skeleton, shrink-wrap in skin and we are done.

The animals like baboon, hippo or zebra look really hillarious this way.

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