Quark cheesecake on puffy yeast dough base

Version #2 is already near perfect, it will only get better from here. in the future.


A friend attending #ICML just sent me a photo of this front runner for best poster award.

Арбузы прилетели!
Снимок был сделан в 1952 году в поселке Амдерма после доставки на Крайний Север фруктов и овощей из южных регионов СССР.

A ladybird beetle spreading its wings captured with a high-speed camera. In real-time wing deployement from the fully folded state takes less than 0.1 seconds.

Video credit: University of Tokyo / Saito et al. 'Investigation of hindwing folding in ladybird beetles.' DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1620612114.

Umberto Eco uses 50% less fuel and 30% less packaging than regular Umberto

Many people have switched from Twitter to Mastodon, but not everyone who followed me before on Twitter knows that I'm active here also. Will you help me increase my reach on Mastodon? Share this post, boost it or comment and let me know why you're following me. Maybe with some smart hashtags. Thank you! 👍 😊

#Ukraine #NAFO #Ukrainewar #UkraineRussiaWar

This is what sunrise looks like from the International Space Station.

What does sunrise look like where you live?

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