as more businesses, institutions and organizations join fedi, im thinking some form of verification *would* be useful. iirc mastodon had something with rel=me? Does that not show in profiles? or maybe they just don't know it exists
Well, I'm now "verified" even if my pleroma does not support displaying that
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@piggo congrats! Myself, I don’t even want to be verified - whatever that means - I value my little privacy by obscurity too much.

@FailForward perfectly valid choice, too. My name was on the site for almost 20 years now, so trying to hide it is kinda futile. Might as well just link it together
@piggo @FailForward Kind of the same thing for me when domain whois privacy came around. I'd had my domains registered for several years by then, and my email was well into every spammers lists already. Didn't see any point to paying to hide something everyone already knew.
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