If we're not going to install A/C in schools, at the very least set a classroom temperature threshold at which point occupancy is no longer permitted. Then measure other air quality parameters and set limits for those too. Do for indoor air what we already do for water


Today is Juneteenth. Michelle Garcia, Editorial Director of NBCBLK, curated Flipboard's Good Life newsletter this week. She chose a range of stories about the past and present of Juneteenth, including a look at the "Harriet Tubman of Texas," the commercialization of the holiday, and the work that still remains. "Now that it's a federal holiday, part of figuring out how to mark the day as a nation comes with educating the public about it," writes Garcia. Here's her Storyboard.


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SCOTUS’s delay in deciding Trump immunity case is inexcusable. Nixon tapes case was decided 16 days after oral argument. We have been waiting 2 months. “Every passing day further delays a potential trial on charges related to Mr. Trump’s efforts to remain in office after losing the 2020 election and his role in the events that led to the storming of the Capitol.” The public has a right to a speedy trial.

#scotus #corruption

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"Two hundred fifty years of slavery. Ninety years of Jim Crow. Sixty years of separate but equal. Thirty-five years of racist housing policy. Until we reckon with our compounding moral debts, America will never be whole." #Juneteenth pscourses.ucsd.edu/ps108/6%20R

Carcinogen ethylene oxide "To gather the new data, researchers from Johns Hopkins University drove highly sensitive air monitors along a planned route where a concentration of industrial facilities known to emit ethylene oxide are situated. The monitors detected levels that were as many as 10 times higher than EPA thresholds, and the researchers were able to detect plumes of the toxin spewing from the facilities from as many as seven miles away. " gizmodo.com/americas-notorious

One of the key features of the US EPA's new #PFAS rules is to make sure the polluters pay. #Wisconsin Republicans want to protect the corporate polluters and make us, the victims, pay.


If you are a civilian - aka someone who has never served in any capacity of the military...

Consider this article knowledge - before you "regurgitate" the common: thank you for your service.

Consider not saying anything - OR - literally ask what the person did in the service - and be prepared for a short OR long version... and do not look at your watch. Allow that person to share OR not. Do not dig.

If you are not prepared for the ugly - then do not ask.



50 billionaire families have already poured $600M+ into this year's elections — mostly in support of Trump.

That's only 0.6% of their total wealth. It essentially costs them nothing to drown our democracy in dark money.

Alaska has had a small annual universal basic income since 1982. You might think it has only increased prices but every year when the checks go out, businesses compete for customers by lowering their prices. It has decreased poverty there. It's also increased overall employment.

"Wisconsin Republicans are withholding $125m designated for cleanup of widespread PFAS contamination in drinking water and have said they will only release the funds in exchange for immunity for polluters." theguardian.com/us-news/articl

Our top story: Box after box revealed only bubble wrap, while others held only bits of broken pottery. As the archaeology researchers proceeded to search for textiles, they realized they had stumbled onto a crime scene.

#science #racism #Texas #history #news #politics #uspol #CriminalJustice

Drought severity worsens in Mexico, suffering from one of the worst droughts on record. Map from the Drought Monitor.

We’re sending all our love and appreciation to our courageous friends at Indivisible LRCA, who continue to organize to restore reproductive freedom in their state after being doxed by right-wing extremists: “Yes, I’m scared, but I believe in fighting for Arkansas more. I hope anyone reading this feels the same rage we did upon seeing our names publicized.” arktimes.com/arkansas-blog/202

Atmospheric CO2 is not only now at the highest level in millions of years, it is also rising faster than ever.

Did you think we've solved the #climate crisis? Not yet. We're still speeding in the wrong direction.


Chiquita Banana evolved from the United Fruit Company which has a long history throughout central America, including bribery of government officials and the involvement of the CIA in overthrowing governments. Source of the term "banana republic".
#Capitalism #Colonialism

For God's sake, journalists (and everyone else), stop calling right-wing extremists "conservative" -- they are radicals who are trying to wipe out democracy, human rights, a livable environment, and so much more.

In a #new, secret recording, the #SupremeCourt justice suggests partisan funding is to blame for coverage of justices’ undisclosed luxury #gifts

In a new recording, #SCOTUS Justice Samuel #Alito lashes out at the news organization #ProPublica, describing the news organization’s #Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage of the #SupremeCourt as driven by #political animus, insisting: “They don’t like our decisions.”

#law #ethics

Former Foster Youth Are Eligible for Federal Housing Aid. #Georgia Isn’t Helping Them Get It.

A 5-year-old program to help young people aging out of #FosterCare offers millions of dollars in #rent support.

Some states have tapped hundreds of #vouchers. Georgia has received just eight.

#News #Kids #Families #Children


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