Senate Dems should take one of their assorted gun control bills off the shelf, rename it something like "Trump Assassination Prevention Act," and force Rs to do a talking filibuster to block it

"Due to timing and election processes, red state Republicans are already poised to refuse to put anyone other than Biden on their state ballots.
We are only 90 days out from early voting in many states which is far too close to the election for us to “change our candidate”. We had a primary & Biden won by the largest margins ever.

There are no “do-overs” on who our candidate is. It’s Biden or nobody — and Republicans & Russians want nobody." dailykos.com/stories/2024/7/13

"Ziklag appears to be the first coordinated effort to get wealthy donors to fund an overtly Christian nationalist agenda, according to historians, legal experts and other people familiar with the group." propublica.org/article/inside-

UPDATE: Here's the language of the proposed mask ban bill in Nassau County, NY. It's bad!

While health is mentioned, the ban would apply to public places and some private properties, and gives police power to ask anyone to remove their mask.

“US intelligence discovered earlier this year that the Russian government planned to assassinate the chief executive of a powerful German arms manufacturer that has been producing artillery shells and military vehicles for #Ukraine, according to five US and western officials familiar with the episode.

The plot was one of a series of Russian plans to assassinate defense industry executives across Europe who were supporting Ukraine’s war effort..” #Russia


Trump has gone off the rails at recent campaign events. If Biden’s difficulties are fair game, why isn’t Trump’s apparent mental decline front and center?

2/ OMFG, this rumor began because, per a post on Twitter, the WH was working on a bill to help those with Parkinson's disease that was signed this week.

NYT disinformation headline did it again, folks.

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Alaska’s top-heavy glaciers are approaching an irreversible tipping point theconversation.com/alaskas-to
The melting of one of North America’s largest ice fields has accelerated and could soon reach an irreversible tipping point. That’s the conclusion of new research colleagues and I have published on the Juneau Ice field, which straddles the Alaska-Canada border near the Alaskan capital of Juneau.

Don't believe Republicans for an instant. They'll do anything to win, then change their plans.

#Project2025 #HeritageFoundation #NeverAgainTrump

Republicans Move at Trump’s Behest to Change How They Will Oppose Abortion

Yeah I'm a radical. I believe in crazy stuff like that OSHA should exist, kids should learn about evolution in school and people should have teeth.

Pastor Who Used Illegal Donations From Churches to Campaign for Office Is Fined $3,500

A #pastor who used his parish’s resources to campaign for office and several pastors from other #churches who donated to him were fined after a state ethics commission determined that each violated #election law.

#News #Religion #Texas #Elections #Government #Church


Adriana works under a UFW contract at Scheid Vineyards. "Last week I worked at one of our ranches in King City, CA. It was 99° & expected to reach 103°. The company stopped us early + encouraged breaks, shade & water. They protect us as it's hard to work in this weather." #WeFeedYou

The real political bombshell right now (after SCOTUS ruling) should be the Epstein files and Trump serial sexual abuse of teens

Why is this not the big news? Our media is failing us. But we can at least push the narrative

‘a new poll by a U.S. pollster with an “A+” rating for accuracy from ABC News reveals that Trump voters who’ve told pollsters they’re “Democrats” are leading the charge for President Biden to end his campaign—with Democrats uninterested in the idea.’

Many other great things in here but this one’s worth calling out. sethabramson.substack.com/p/do

Bear in mind the NYT is 172 years old and quite desperately needs to step down.

NASA's Parker Solar Probe has just affirmed its status as the fastest human object ever built:

On June 29 it hit a speed of 176.46 km/sec, or 394,736 mph. That's equivalent to flying from New York to LA in 25 seconds.

blogs.nasa.gov/parkersolarprob #space #science #nasa #tech

Simple question for those science reformers who want to more aggressively criminalize scientific fraud.

How would you prevent such systems from being weaponized against climate scientists, public health officials, etc. who report inconvenient truths?

Even the threat of such abuses would be chilling.

The fact that I know more about Joe Biden’s one bad debate night than I do about Donald Trump’s years of raping and sexually assaulting girls within Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking ring shows exactly what is terribly wrong with today’s political mainstream media.

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