@TruthSandwich @mcnado Israel has agency and their government has decided to take actions that have resulted in significant civilian casualties.

You can say that Israel doesn’t target non combatants but that’s just semantics. You can call dead kids “collateral damage” but I don’t imagine that’s any comfort to the loved ones they leave behind.

War is a catastrophic failure of civilization, it’s an obscenity, it’s unfortunately something that seems to be wired into the human brain.

None of this is in any way an excuse for Hamas, they also had agency and chose an unforgivable and brutal course of action. The world would be a better place without them.

(And if you want to make the observation that as a veteran of one of America’s wars I’ve got no standing to criticize others, that’s a fair observation. I’ve seen a war from the inside and I can’t say I was impressed)

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