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My Mom’s dog, trying to fit in the cat’s bed. She looks worried all the time, but she gets points for optimism

Testing gif of fireworks reflected off of my squad’s ambulance

Domino, supervising one of my many Zoom meetings today. It’s a dogs life for sure

Ornamental grass, dried out for the winter. Trimmed out of the background with the iOS feature that does that.

Good night from the cat in full on loaf of bread pose

“And then the dog said, ‘that isnt my kibble’!” (Like all cats, Annie is convinced she’s got a great sense of humor)

“How come you’re on the floor hooman?” (Some day I will post something substantive, today is not that day)

This is the “I know you’ve got popcorn and would you like to share?” face of Domino.

I’m sure my cat is saying “get out of my light fuzzball!”

A picture of a post out on the coast of Kerry outside Dingle last summer

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