@mjambon @freemo I don’t find it’s usable for that use case (though there’s probably someone who’s written something to do it), I really like that it works well with source control and that I can write code to programmatically generate pieces of the document. But yeah for real-time collaboration I’d probably use something else.

@freemo The LaTeX requirement will definitely thin the herd! (I really like LaTeX right up until I need to collaborate with someone that doesn’t use it)

If I wanted to buy a cheap yet reliable CNC for woodworking, up to maybe 50x50 cm work pieces, maybe only up to 30x30 cm... What manufacturers would I be looking at?

Boosts appreciated.

has anyone made a read-only FUSE filesystem for a git repository where every commit is a folder and the folder contains all the files in that commit?

the idea is that you could just run `cd COMMIT_ID` and poke around instead of checking out the commit

@b0rk That’s a great idea! It would be really handy for the inevitable software archeology that comes up all the time

happy Thanksgiving! hope everyone has something to be thankful for.
🐱 🐶 🐼 🐦 ☕ 🍕 🍩 🍻 🎵


@JoshuaHolland @lisamelton Very sorry for your loss, I hope you can take time out to take care of yourself


@AustinB @icymi_law That’s awful, I’m so sorry for everyone involved

Remembering the time my newbie #EMT partner was told by me earlier in the day about the superstition around The Q Word and he thought it was stupid, so he deliberately dropped it in front of the entire triage line. I thought the charge nurse, who is a 5 foot nothing black-haired Italian woman, was about to physically toss him out the ER doors by the look on her face. You can bet he never did that again.

Mina "Minoskins" "Mina Mina Jelly-Bean-a" Silverio-Zink left us yesterday evening at the age of 17, following seven months of enduring an aggressive cancer.

She was a "real trouper of a cat”, in David's words. In the words of all the vet staff who interacted with her over the last year, "a sweetheart who started purring the moment we touched her”. In the words of the innumerable rats she slaughtered and dumped at our feet over the years, "an unholy terror; avoid”.

She had short stubby legs, a very round head, and glossy dense black fur that looked chocolatey in sunlight. She was a luxurious cat to pat because of that fur and her easy-start purr motor. She didn't so much meow as chirp, and would have long erp-brrt conversations with me at times.

Her passing was painless and involved purring and belly-rubs.

In her memory, please post the cutest photo of your pet or pets you have.

I'll start. Here is a photo of Mina eating cheese, her second favorite food after raw fish. Here is also a photograph of her attempting to stifle me.

@ceejbot @lisamelton So sorry for your loss, she looks like such a special cat. Thank you for sharing her story.

This is Annie, she has chirpy conversations too.

This photo of the sun might not look too impressive... until you realize it was taken at night – not looking up but looking down, through the entire Earth, using neutrinos rather than light. Amazing! apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap980605.ht

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