Annie atypically looking quizzical instead of aggrieved (or asleep)

The Monarchs seem to have arrived today!

I’m a terrible Gardner but I do make an effort to grow milkweed for the butterflies etc.

A bit late for but wanted to check if looping video works. This is Annie and she has things to say

4th of July cupcake from my daughter. Her pandemic hobby has really taken off.

My Mom’s cat in a sunny spot, hard to be any more content.

If the word “Harumph!” were spelled out in cat form.

Domino’s big job is to sit in the background of my innumerable Zoom calls. He’s very popular with my coworkers (and everyone else, he’s a real personality). I should try to get him on the payroll

I’m not much of an artist (I started sketching to send my daughter to school with a snack note) but one of the things that’s surprised me is that it feels like the process is more about “seeing” the thing you’re drawing more than the actual process of making lines on paper. I have no idea if that’s a common experience or not. Oddly, I occasionally find that the thing I’m drawing will take on a life of its own (which is where I find myself with a coyote playing a synthesizer)

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