Every year, I go on a hunt for new #ToDoApps. There are dozens of them, which is already a sign that developers have yet to get it right. Most are too fussy. The only one I ever actively liked was “Put Things Off”, which had just two buttons: mark a task as completed or defer till tomorrow. Does anyone have recommendations? Today I came across Teux Deux by @swissmiss, which is the best yet. Do It Tomorrow is also good, but doesn’t seem to be maintained anymore.


I have tried a lot of different apps. I have just been using a mind map for the past year or so. I prefer to be able to fold details and subtasks that way. It is pretty rare that I have a task that has to be scheduled for a particular day, but in that case I just put it on my calendar.

That said, today doesn’t seem like a bad day to see if there’s something that might work better for me. I used to use Meister Task, but it did not integrate with Mind Meister (a mind mapping tool) the way I wanted it to. I think I’ll give it another look and see if that has changed in the past year or two since I last tried it.

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