Astute observation. Florida is it’s own little dystopian nightmare lately.

Big-tech’s dash to incorporate #ChatGPT -like interfaces into their search engines threatens the ecosystem of human knowledge with extinction. AI engines can be enhanced to avoid this, leading to new forms of knowledge creation.

I suspect docker removing the free tier is going to absolutely devistate them. All the open-source software, which is what dominated docker, is now scrambling to find alternatives.

Also since docker treates docker hub as first class for fetching images I suspect people will move off docker entierly.

It is going to be pretty crazy for the open source community too having all the images they depend on just disapear. Dev chains everywhere are going to break...

#Women are under attack in this country - as are many others.

In #SouthCarolina they want to sentence women who have #abortions to #DEATH. There are no #exceptions to this rule. If the life of the mother is at risk she will have to testify to #selfdefense in court. #Gilead is impressed. How long until they want to display the bodies for all the handmaids to see?

#Walgreens is not dispensing #mifepristone in 20 states - so it’s time to #BoycottWalgreens as well.

We are visiting Southern Tuscany this week, here are a few favorite photos from yesterday.

First night in Florence. Seems like a good time for a magnum opus.

Mass shootings in the US:

2014: 273
2015: 336
2016: 383
2017: 348
2018: 336
2019: 417
2020: 610
2021: 690
2022: 647

In the first seven weeks of 2023: 67

We do not have to live like this. No other country on the planet does.

The idea that bad people having a voice on social media causes other people to become bad people (often the argument as to why we must defederate from bad servers) is equivalent to:

Thinking violent video games cause people to become violent.

Thinking explicit song lyrics cause people to become criminals

Allowing people to be openly homosexual will cause others to become homosexual

Banning books

There’s an inverse correlation between how much you architect code to be reusable and how much you actually end up reusing it.

Pluto and Charon - Two Worlds in the Kuiper Belt - NASA's New Horizons

Zoom in on the 350MP resolution here (recommended): to see surface details of both Worlds.

Download full resolution and raed more info here:

Composite image created using data processed from:
#NASA #NewHorizons

Created using @GIMP and data processed from @PDSRMS

#Pluto #Charon #Space #Spacetodon #Astrodon #Astronomy #Solarocks

#FediTips Most of this screencap of a boosted toot is greyed out, so there's pretty much nothing to see, which is the point. The #Mastodon web app and in many cases the phone apps as well don't unfurl links properly, which means if all you post is a link with no explanation of what it is, many people are going to scroll right by.
It would be nice if links were unfurled more reliably, but until that's the case, PLEASE include some sort of content description when sharing links.

I mentioned this in a private message to someone recently about why a small handful of servers block qoto. I wanted to reiterate it here for the new comers on QOTO who dont know the history:

So there are some servers out there that demand every server int he network block every instance they do, and if a server doesnt block an instance they block then they block you in rettatliation.

Their reason for this is quite flawed but it goes like this.. If we federate with a bad actor instance and we boost one of their posts then their users will see it and defeat the purpose of the block. The problem is, this isnt how it actually works. If they block a server and we boost it, they wont see the boost, thats how blocks work.

The issue becomes even more complicated when you consider the fact that these servers, by virtue of their policy, have huge block lists where they block tons of major servers. So in order to satisfy them we too would have to block a huge number of servers.

This means you have a choice, you either join a server that isnt blocked, but has a huge block list themselves, or, you join a server that doesnt block and be blocked by a small handful of servers. Obviously that means on QOTO you will have bigger view of the world than you would on any of these others servers. In fact QOTO has onne of the largest federation footprints of any server in the network.

I want to also explain why we choose the decision we did. Years ago when this controversy started and servers across the fediverse started blocking there was a divide of people taking sides. WOTO was one of the few servers that didnt take sides and allowed people read content from any server (but with strict hate speech rules). This caused a huge influx of people,s pecifically from the LGBTQ community, onto our server. It turns out many people relied on us not-blocking for their physical safety. There were big name biggots (like milo yanappolus) who were on the network. They used their accounts here to watch his account for doxing so they could warn themselves and their community and protect themselves accordingly. In fact we added a feature just for them called subscriptions which allowed them to monitor accounts without following them so they could do so anonymously.

In tthe end for the safety of the LGBTQ community here we refused to engage in mass server blocking and instead encouraged our users to block servers on an individual basis and provided access to block lists for them to do so. But some really misguided servers blocked us anyway.

Thankfully the servers blocking us are few and far between and are limited to only the most excessive and aggressive block lists. As I said, QOTO has one of the largest federation footprints on the fediverse,

“Really though, Doctor, tell me, who are you?”

We are tiny pieces of the Universe that have evolved to the point where we know that fact & also which physical processes gave rise to the elements that make us up.

Today’s APOD: a periodic table colour-coded by which astrophysical processes made the elements, from the Big Bang to nucleosynthesis, dying stars, cosmic rays, & colliding neutron stars. Work by

#Astrodon #Science

I picked up a bunch of these from a local vape shop that happened to have a humidor in the back. I don’t think that their humidor sees much turnover. This is the third one of these I’ve had, and they are just as good as you would imagine given that yellowed cellophane. My guess is they been sitting in there for at least 2 years.

Probably a bit over humidified, but they taste great, so apparently no harm done.

As a maintainer of OpenSource libraries and packages, there is something that kept feeling off in the whole Software Supply Chain discourse. I think this comes down to something simple.

I am not a Supplier.
You can read more explanation there


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