#FediTips Most of this screencap of a boosted toot is greyed out, so there's pretty much nothing to see, which is the point. The #Mastodon web app and in many cases the phone apps as well don't unfurl links properly, which means if all you post is a link with no explanation of what it is, many people are going to scroll right by.
It would be nice if links were unfurled more reliably, but until that's the case, PLEASE include some sort of content description when sharing links.


Thank you for sharing that. It is an excellent point.

I just assume that whoever does that is somewhat arrogant and believes that if they find it interesting everybody else will as well.

@IAmErik I don't think people are arrogant or malicious on most cases. Many of them are using Mastodon apps that DO automatically preview Youtube links inline, so they don't realize it doesn't work that way for everyone (and tbh it SHOULD work that way for everyone, we should fix that...).

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