What other decentralized messaging services do you guys use? I've been using Aether and Riot for a few days now myself. Just curious what other services people might be using.



Along with QOTO, this pretty much meets my needs - although there are a handful of proprietary services I use because they are common to everyone who needs to participate in that setting. The little niche ones are interesting but the people I need to talk to don't use them, so there's little point to me doing so.

@khird yeah that's the problem with niche services like aether is that they don't have a very large user base. But that's part of why I join and try to participate so that they do have more people.

what servers do you use for IRC? I'm looking for more places to connect to and join.

@IOcase Snoonet mainly, although I've in the past been more active on freenode and spotchat

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