@caseyliss each time you post one of these hidden features, I want to subscribe again. Fantastic app!

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It is, simply put, insane that we are at a place in this country where I just cannot remember all the mass shootings. What? These should be so rare that they are all emblazoned in our memory. But now they blur together in a horrific haze.

Seeing this brought back memories of waiting for each months Mad Magazine to come out, saving my allowance to buy each issue. Al Jaffe was a huge reason why. More magazines should have the Fold-In pages.


@caseyliss As a developer playing with The Movie Database’s API, I agree with your assessment. Easy to us, but imperfect data. I only wish I was as dedicated as you to getting to release. I have been hacking my app for about 18 months in my spare time. Don’t worry I am no competition 😕. Congrats on the app, I look forward to being saved from our IMDB overlords.

@upgrade @jsnell @imyke Not sure if I win or lose, but oldest message on my iPhone is July 8, 2007. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I bought a 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV, and it’s fantastic. One of my favorite things about it is Carplay, which I use daily. Today I learned that future Chevy EVs will not include Carplay, making this the last Chevy EV I will buy. Just an amazingly stupid move by GM!

Apparently they want to collect more and more data from people who buy their cars, which in an amazing coincidence is something I very much DO NOT WANT.

Fortunately, I now have two EVs, so I won’t be in the market for quite some time. Maybe they’ll have reversed themselves again by then.


Office closed today because of Forecast. Result about a half inch of slush. Weather this winter has been screwy. Another week until Spring!

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I made my first YouTube short, and I'd love to hear what you think! A #SwiftUI tip everyone needs to know: youtube.com/shorts/EDd6Hr_F99o

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Here's an uncomfortable American history fact. While folks often point out that after Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, Hitler refused to shake his hand.

But what happened next? Well, after returning home, Owens & 17 other Black Olympians were denied an invite to the White House. Instead, President Roosevelt only invited white Olympians. And it wasn't until 2016 that the White House finally apologized and invited their descendants to the WH.


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TweetBot + Twitter = enjoyable scrolling of crap

Generic App + Mastodon = frustrating slog of tranquility

Ivory + Mastodon = satisfaction


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Say Hello to Ivory. We are now available to all on Apple’s App Store! We have launched as “Early Access” because we still have a lot of exciting plans ahead of that will make Ivory even better. Go download it, try it free for 7 days, and experience it for yourself!


Oi! AppleTV+ goes down right as me and the missus are sitting down to watch the season 1 finale of Slow Horses. 😢

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Cannot reiterate this enough:

PLEASE don’t request refunds from Apple for any unused time on your Twitterrific or Tweetbot subscriptions.

It could literally bankrupt small shops like these.


The time of year when Apple decides I have too much available credit and releases new MacBook Pros.

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I think the thing that bothers me the most is the lack of communications. If you are going to kill people off, own it. Don't just do it and act like nothing has happened.

Even during the darkest Twitter 1.0 days they were pretty open about what they were doing. I remember getting a call prior to the 4 quadrants token limit where they explained what was going to happen and answered questions. I wasn't happy but at least felt there was respect.

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@gruber The irony of having to come to Mastadon to find out why my Twitter client isn’t working. I guess it is time to finish pulling the bandaid off.

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