I highly recommend as search engine. More privacy focused than Google and plants trees. Effectively every search removes from the atmosphere.

Ideology that has done damage to humanity over time

Religion not interpreted in its historical context

-> gave us war and slavery in various forms and let billions of people die

Anything based on a king's or father's authority

-> This is the worst shit and doesn't even serve any purpose except ensuring paternity for inheritance of property. Its original purpose is obsolete since the introduction of paternity testing and egg donation.

The theory of the fully free market. Why did they even test that shit on societies without previously testing it on small groups of volunteers only.

Same thing goes for socialism, Russian version.

Any time people tell stories about family values, the family (male + female + kids) as basis of a given society/state/whatever

-> see Patriarchy

Anyone imposing a quota system in a given institution (yes, that is what I call positive discrimination)

Sometimes I wonder whether my ideas suck or whether speaking against any kind of taboo aka "every dogma and law and authority must be allowed to be questioned" is obscene. But then I see all the crap ideology has done to the world while being taken seriously and worse being accepted without question and I think - well let me question any society and value model that claims any kind of authority.

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Lacher des Tages: Ausgerechnet das @AynRandInst@twitter.com, ein 🇺🇸#Thinktank, das einen völlig uneingeschränkten Kapitalismus propagiert & Staatshilfen regelmäßig als Teufelswerk bezeichnet, hat sich jetzt um US-Staatshilfen beworben & tatsächlich 1 Mio. $ erhalten:

🐦🔗: twitter.com/FWarweg/status/128

Dating French people and listen to their problems has one big advantage. My French is almost fluent :P

Feeling quite lonely right now. Is it just the feeling of depression or something else?

Am I wrong if I am single?

Servicetoot für #Laatzen, #Hannover und Umgebung: wir stehen nachher von 14:00 bis 17:00 mit unserer Unterschriften-Sammelstation fürs #Volksbegehren #Artenvielfalt vor der "Alten Feuerwache" in Laatzen-Grasdorf, das ist dort:

Diskutiert mich nicht an die Wand, ich habe jetzt schon Kopfschmerzen.

Inkompetenz als Monsterimitatorin für Teenager - check 🙂

Walked my son through his first #Linux install. Ubuntu MATE, to be specific. I love training the next generation the Right Way.

Going more and more green. What has happened to me? I haven't been much of a hipster or hippie so far...

Almost 6 years old, and @Fairphone are still pushing the Fairphone 2 by porting Android 9 to it:


That's a big proof of longevity here, kudos to you all!

#fairphone #android #ecology

And soooo many solutions for projects in the waiting. Yes, yes, yes!

Just got back to old hobbies <3
Some Linux, some retro computing - oh I missed you so

The attacks on women's rights, transgender rights, gay rights etc by those describing themselves as "conservative" is not a question of minority protection or politics. Trying to justify their actions in reference to God is not a protection of religious freedoms or morals, it is an attack on the separation between church and state. Trying to discriminate based on skin colour, gender, sex or anything not related to that person's actions is nothing less than an attack on the most fundamental rights of each person in the constitution of every real democracy in the world! Discrimination is not something you can excuse with your own political opinion. Discrimination is one of the most fundamental attacks on the constitution of Western states and their core values! If we truly consider our system of democracy superiour over any dictatiorship or theocracy we must defend its core values! Undermining civil rights, enforcing surveillance and trying to abolish the teachings of enlightenment for a religious foundation pushes us closer to the dictatorships and terrorists we so despise!

Alte weiße Männer heulen über Rassismus gegen Deutsche. Junge weiße Frau heult über alte weiße Faschos pbs.twimg.com/media/EZ-3mCyXQA

Any idea on how to meet lesbian geek girls? Preferably polyam?

in times is a critical topic mostly in developing countries. I have given the topic much thought during the last weeks and my first conclusion was that long term methods such as the implant or an IUD would work best in times of crisis as they do not need to be refilled every month or so. Now I got a spontaneous idea. Natural family planning has a high efficiency when used correctly and an acceptable efficiency with typical use. Whalt I like most about the idea of NFP is that it is completely independent from any governmental interference. It is knowledge that can be passed on in message, in encrypted ways and all you need is observation and maybe something to measure your temperature. And a partner who is not a complete dickhead.

The modern version and my suggestion during isolation times is the following - make a video where you explain NFP and how it works and spread it through social media and telemedicine. Maybe use a contraceptive app. A lot of women has a smartphone or a normal telephone even in developing countries.

The of such apps is not perfect but with something around 7% acceptable compared to the alternatives like full abstinence or unsafe abortion.


To all my followers I really hope you don't live in the USA. If you do I wish you good luck and all the best in these sad times with that imbecile of a president.

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