Finland considers expanding inacceptable passenger data retention to ship and train travel.

We will support a Commission presidential candidate only if they rule out new #MassSurveillance proposals! @vonderleyen
I am asking the Human Rights Court to review bans on anonymous communications:{%22itemid%22:[%22001-162150%22]}

Mandatory SIM card registration laws exclude #UndocumentedPeople #refugees #women, with a few countries resisting:

Mandatory registration harms journalists & human rights defenders: https://privacyintyqcroe.onion/long-read/3018/timeline-sim-card-registration-laws

einfach unfassbar peinlich und die dümmste PR-masche wie tutanota damit braggen dass ihre server "highly secured in germany"TM stehen würden, als wär deutschland nicht genauso ein bullenstaat wie alle andern

es ist noch nichtmal nen jahr her dass bullen mit maschinenpistolen (!) die serverräume des langen august in dortmund gestürmt haben und die zwiebelfreunde e.v. rechtswidrig durchsucht und kontoinformationen von riseup-spender*innen mitgenommen wurden

You're so stupid, you approximate sin(x) as x and integrate from 0 to 2pi.

Also the solace we can take is that Microsoft ultimately got its just desserts.

They arrived very late to the smartphone and tablet party, and Google continues to eat their lunch with its own Linux-based operating system to this day.

I am a patriot. I am proud of my country and proud to be able to call myself its citizen.

I am proud of Germany. I am proud of a nation driving the European integration and defending her values. I am proud of the people in this country standing with our constitution which grants as a fundamental right asylum to refugees from failed states run by violence. I am proud of my fellow citizens, welcoming over a million refugees in 2015. I am proud of those who stand up against fascism every day. I am proud of those defending civil liberties in this country every day.

I am proud to call myself a citizen of the European union and I consider the EU receiving the Nobel peace prize to be a valid decision. The European union is the largest program for global peace history has seen so far. 24 different languages, 28 member states and the largest single market in the world. States fighting each other including the whole world in the way of doing so being united in peace for over 60 years now - unprecedented in history. Yes, we can call ourselves proud. But this pride comes with a warning - our values are to be defended. Our values are not determined by race or religion or class. Our values are such which can be found at the core of every Western constitution. The right of free speech, the right to privacy and the right to live in peace. Universal human rights which should be granted to every human being on this planet! But our nation also has traitors to those values, ironically those who claim to be the defenders of Western or German values. They are not. I am in favor of punishing criminal foreigners as I am in favor of punishing criminal Germans. But we cannot condemn all foreigners to be criminals and it is a shame for the Western world that the former defenders of Western values and the free world elected a president capable only of segregating our peoples in hatred against the unknown.

I am proud citizen of a German nation open towards the world and defending human rights and peace in Europe as well as in the world.

PSA aus aktuellem Anlass: Leute! Ernsthaft! Guckt *NICHT* in Glasfasern rein zur Fehlerdiagnose. Bei ~800nm sieht man wohl was glimmen, um 1300nm aber gar nichts mehr. Dennoch ist das Licht unglaublich hell, auch bei nur 10km SFPs. Das brennt Euch tatsächlich einfach Löcher in die Netzhaut und Ihr bekommt es nicht mal mit, weil das Gehirn das Loch interpoliert.

Also das mit den dicken Schlagzeilen kann die ja irgendwie schon....

Does anyone of you know some people who like discussing about computing and arcarde games or the scene?

Is anyone of you still using the and if so how do you access it? Provider? Google groups?

„Wir wissen genau, wofür wir kämpfen“, sagt Szász. Die Gynäkologin und eine Kollegin stehen heute wegen #219a vor Gericht. Die Verteidigung kündigt an, bis zum #BVerfG oder sogar #Menschenrechtsgerichtshof der #EU zu gehen. #wegmit219a

Hello everyone,

This account is based around a website at:

The site is aimed at people who are worried about their privacy but aren't tech fans.

If you know a non-technical person who is concerned about their privacy online, please share a link to with them, to let them know there are easy-to-use #alternatives.

p.s. If you *are* a tech fan, you might also want to check out and


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