Can you buy clothes made of human hair? I don't talk about homicide victims or such but rather people donating their hair or beard for such dresses.

Ich mache mich jetzt mal unbeliebt. Atomkraft - JA, bitte, aber NICHT diese veralteten unsicheren Generation II Meiler, die in Europa und den USA stehen. Solange Pro-Atom heißt, die alten Dinger stehen zu lassen und ihre Laufzeit zu verlängern, bin ich gegen Atomstrom :(

In Italien bezieht sich das auf Berlusconi und was so an Mafia rumläuft.

Irgendwie frage ich mich immer, wie failed states wie Italien oder die USA inkl. korrupten und dämlichem Präsidenten überleben können. Doch dann denke ich an Kohl zurück und daran, dass Deutschland immer noch eine existente Wirtschaft hat. Ob westliche Wirtschaft weniger stark von korrupten Politikern beeinträchtigt wird, als ich dachte?

I miss my beloved hacker scene. So sad that all are closed and won't take place in December.

Your breathing is your greatest friend. Return to it in all your troubles and you will find comfort and guidance. ~ Unknown

@Erdrandbewohner Und längere Strecken? Zu kurz für ICE, zu lang fürs Rad? So Variante Brandenburg, Oma besuchen, im Kaff gibts keinen Bahnhof?

I highly recommend as search engine. More privacy focused than Google and plants trees. Effectively every search removes from the atmosphere.

Ideology that has done damage to humanity over time

Religion not interpreted in its historical context

-> gave us war and slavery in various forms and let billions of people die

Anything based on a king's or father's authority

-> This is the worst shit and doesn't even serve any purpose except ensuring paternity for inheritance of property. Its original purpose is obsolete since the introduction of paternity testing and egg donation.

The theory of the fully free market. Why did they even test that shit on societies without previously testing it on small groups of volunteers only.

Same thing goes for socialism, Russian version.

Any time people tell stories about family values, the family (male + female + kids) as basis of a given society/state/whatever

-> see Patriarchy

Anyone imposing a quota system in a given institution (yes, that is what I call positive discrimination)

Sometimes I wonder whether my ideas suck or whether speaking against any kind of taboo aka "every dogma and law and authority must be allowed to be questioned" is obscene. But then I see all the crap ideology has done to the world while being taken seriously and worse being accepted without question and I think - well let me question any society and value model that claims any kind of authority.


Lacher des Tages: Ausgerechnet das, ein 🇺🇸#Thinktank, das einen völlig uneingeschränkten Kapitalismus propagiert & Staatshilfen regelmäßig als Teufelswerk bezeichnet, hat sich jetzt um US-Staatshilfen beworben & tatsächlich 1 Mio. $ erhalten:


Dating French people and listen to their problems has one big advantage. My French is almost fluent :P

@Phaedrus Doesn't make any sense. You could easily grow poppy in the US (dk whether it is legal but afaik it is at least legal to grow that poppy sort in Austria where the seed is used for baking). The CIA would be stupid investing tons of money in wars in Afghanistan when domestic production would be so much cheaper. For the poppy - once the CIA had the plants, production of opium would be easy. As previously said the plant is legally grown in Austria, not legal to grow in Germany and IDK for the rest of the EU. But the seed is used for baking and cooking all over Europe. It's just illegal to grow the plants for opium production.

Feeling quite lonely right now. Is it just the feeling of depression or something else?

Am I wrong if I am single?

@Mummabear @realcaseyrollins I'm not into people eating each others shit because it turns them on. But what right do I have to forbid it to them? Even if they are parents of a family as long as they don't let their kids look at that kind of play I would never interfere.

@Mummabear @realcaseyrollins
What has it to do with the nanny state if the state is just kept out of people's private lifes? As long as there are consenting adults only involved legalize everything that they do to each over. With emphasize on CONSENTING and ADULT.

Servicetoot für #Laatzen, #Hannover und Umgebung: wir stehen nachher von 14:00 bis 17:00 mit unserer Unterschriften-Sammelstation fürs #Volksbegehren #Artenvielfalt vor der "Alten Feuerwache" in Laatzen-Grasdorf, das ist dort:

Diskutiert mich nicht an die Wand, ich habe jetzt schon Kopfschmerzen.

@map How do they always manage to be such a chaos. Suggesting to expand the military etat to 2% of BIP is a complete waste of resources as long as the personal remains incompetent like this.

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