in times is a critical topic mostly in developing countries. I have given the topic much thought during the last weeks and my first conclusion was that long term methods such as the implant or an IUD would work best in times of crisis as they do not need to be refilled every month or so. Now I got a spontaneous idea. Natural family planning has a high efficiency when used correctly and an acceptable efficiency with typical use. Whalt I like most about the idea of NFP is that it is completely independent from any governmental interference. It is knowledge that can be passed on in message, in encrypted ways and all you need is observation and maybe something to measure your temperature. And a partner who is not a complete dickhead.

The modern version and my suggestion during isolation times is the following - make a video where you explain NFP and how it works and spread it through social media and telemedicine. Maybe use a contraceptive app. A lot of women has a smartphone or a normal telephone even in developing countries.

The of such apps is not perfect but with something around 7% acceptable compared to the alternatives like full abstinence or unsafe abortion.

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