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Recent from the bird app, so here is my
I’m a medicinal chemist who works in for Cancer Research Horizons (all views my own etc.). I currently have an interest in Fragment-Based drug discovery, new therapeutic modalities, GTP-ases and enabling synthetic methodologies.
I’ve previously worked in both the CRO and Agrochemical sector, where as I’ve also gained experience in Combinatorial and Process

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A brief self-introduction does not seem to be a bad idea to start with : D

My name is Jiyun and I’m a 4-th year PhD student in Prof. Tom Meek’s laboratory at Texas A&M University (class of 2023). My research focuses on the mechanistic study and drug discovery of cysteine proteases, so I love cat and CATalysis ~
This semester, I am actively searching for #postdoc and #industry positions. It is a pleasure to meet you here and I am excited to hear about the science, work and life that you share ♥️

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For anyone who was wondering why sunrise is still getting later after solstice ~

Why do mornings still get darker after the winter solstice?

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Feels like a good time to do a list of C&EN staff here. If you follow me for @chemistry content you should probably follow them as well.


#chemistry #science #sciencewriting #sciencejournalism #scijourno

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A valiant effort has been made by Little Tim this year, who for some reason has decided to change his name to Tim'); INSERT INTO [NiceList] SELECT * FROM [NaughtyList];--

HO HO HO! Nice try Tim. I don't use #SQL, I use several dozen interconnected #Excel spreadsheets, like a professional.

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Computational Chemistry Daily is out! Stories via

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So time for that #introduction I suppose. I'm a structural biologist mainly working on the #myelin sheath molecules, which include membrane #proteins as well as disordered molecules. We use various tools of #structuralbiology, including #crystallography, #cryoem, and #biophysics. Not sure yet, how much work-related posting will happen here (I feel too old for this platform), but at least you will get to see some #photos of #norway and #dogs.

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Chemist Rachel Fuller Brown was born #OTD in 1898. She discovered the antifungal antibiotic nystatin while doing research for the NY State Department of Health, hence the name.

Rather than keep the profits from the drug, Brown (standing in the photo) and co-discoverer Elizabeth Hazen assigned nystatin’s patent royalties to the nonprofit Research Corporation of New York, to help support other researchers.

Image: Smithsonian Institution

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Wondering just how accurate #AlphaFold models are?

For 102 recent structures, 80% of side chains agreed with the deposited model... but 20% did not and 7% were clearly incompatible with experimental data.

@buildmodels @PDBeurope @DeepMind

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Hello Mastodon 🦣 #Introduction! I’m Oliver (Oli) Jones. I'm a professor of analytical chemistry at RMIT University, in Melbourne Australia. I help develop new analytical technologies and using them to track pollutants in the environment and assess their effects using a biochemistry technique called metabolomics. I work in the intersection of analytical, biochemical and environmental chemistry and am also keen on #scicomm. I am teaching myself #Rstats as a hobby and am a keen runner.

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Here is an #introduction toot!

My name is Sosthène Ung and I’m a #Chinese #French #chemist living in #Montreal, #Canada! 🇨🇳 🇨🇵 🇨🇦

I did my M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry in #Montpellier and my #PhD with Prof. Chao-Jun Li at #McGill on organophosphorus chemistry & sustainability. I'm currently looking for #Scicomm or #patenting opportunities. Cheers!

#Chemistry #Chemtwitter #Science #chemiverse #sustainability #greenchemistry #phosphorus

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#introduction I am a coordination chemist applying inorganic chemistry to forensics applications, or at least trying to. Crystallisation over columns anyday. I'm a senior lecturer at Nottingham Trent University. Always looking for collaborations. #chemistry #forensics #chemiverse

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Not a an advanced user by any mean but here's my Mastodon advice: don't fix on bringing your whole environment from here. Think of it as a new place with new people and fresh perspectives. Grow your network bit by bit, from people you see in your timeline, like you did here.

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I am interested in using #NMR to understand biology, so my work varies from #biophysics #kinetics #dynamics #proteinfolding to #structuralbiology

An example of our collaborations, with @ak947 and @lapassmore where we showed that Fip1 dynamics are required for CPF activation. NMR was used to study the conformational dynamics of Fip1 within the 850-kDa CPF complex.

#NMRchat #protein #IDP #biochemistry #mRNA #3'endprocessing

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A proper is in order!

My name is Christene (spelt like alkene 😉) and I’m a working in

I am from and did my with @CathleenCrudden at Queens on NHC before moving to Berlin for a at of Colloids and Interfaces with Markus Antionetti. After some crazy times in the group rock band I left for and work as an Editor now for


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If you want to reconnect with those from #ChemTwitter who have created accounts here in the #Fediverse, here is a Google Sheet that >400 people have added themselves to.

If you want to add your details, you need to either fill in this Google Form: or just ask me to add your details if you'd rather not use a Google product (note: the form does not capture e-mail addresses).

#ChemiVerse #Chemistry #ChemToots

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An #introduction as part of this new adventure in the #ChemiVerse:

• I run a #ComputerVision research team in #Chemistry at the University of Strathclyde 📸🧪

• Dad to two kids under 4. I haven’t slept in as many years 😅 👶🏻

• I recently released my first book, with stories and research on the so-called Imposter Syndrome: 🧠📖

• The first thing I learned about Mastadon was that I couldn’t share a clip (>40MB) of me playing Metallica on guitar for this intro 😎🤘🏻

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Excited to share the latest from the Cravatt lab - assigning functionality to cysteines by base editing! Great work from Haoxin Li and fantastic collaboration with!


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Another new-to-Mastodon post. Kevin Gardner here - structural biologist at the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center w/interests in environmental control of protein structure and function. Exploring the new platform a bit ... #introduction

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