"Ptolemy 1st Soter, first king of Egypt after the death of Alexander the Great, personally sponsored Euclid, but found Euclid's seminal work, the Elements, too difficult to study, so he asked Euclid to show him an easier way to master it. According to the philosopher Proclus, Euclid famously quipped: "Sire, there is no royal road to geometry."

It is noteworthy, that Euclid didnโ€™t use the word odos = road but the word atrapos = trail, by which a short-cut is meant."

I had more than enough entitled people today. If you want to learn something, demanding others teach you isn't going to get you far.

So the Supreme Court has ruled that if you strike, or your union strikes, you can be sued for any business costs or loss of business.

How long before you can't quit a job without being sued?? Or being forced to work without a contract??

"Today, a heavily armed Atlanta Police Department SWAT team raided a house in Atlanta and arrested three of its residents. Their crime? Organizing legal support and bail funds for protesters and activists who have faced indiscriminate arrest and overreaching charges in the struggle to stop the construction of a vast police training facility โ€” dubbed Cop City โ€” atop a forest in Atlanta.

The arrests are an unprecedented attack on bail funds and legal support organizations, a long-standing facet of social justice movements, according to Lauren Regan, executive director of the Civil Liberties Defense Center.

โ€œThis is the first bail fund to be attacked in this way,โ€ Regan, whose organization has worked to ensure legal support for people resisting Cop City, told me. โ€œAnd there is absolutely not a scintilla of fact or evidence that anything illegal has ever transpired with regard to Atlanta fundraising for bail support.โ€


Being proper and PC is all well and good, but I still like to be objectified every once in a while.

Old Louisville Coffee Co-op, if anyone is local. Great cake there too... I highly recommend the Hummingbird cake. No idea what's in it, but it's vegan or something and really good.

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I just had enough caffeine to cause a panic attack.

But the local coffee co-op makes this incredibly good espresso milkshake...

Ukrainian supermodel Alina Baikova came to Cannes Film Festival wearing a "F**K YOU PUTIN" T-shirt. Security tried to shield her clothes from view.

This happened during a premiere of The Old Oak movie by Ken Loach. Reportedly, security acted that way because any type of protests are forbidden during the festival.
#Ukraine๏ธ #Russia #Russian #Putin #EU #NATO #Zelensky #war #news #Moscow #USA #UK #Germany #Poland

โ€œHereโ€™s what I want to do to mark Kissingerโ€™s 100th birthday: I want to talk about some of the many, many people around the world who didnโ€™t get to live till 100, or even 60, 70, or 80, *because* of Henry Kissinger.โ€

My commentary - pls do watch & share:

A federal indictment of Trump for inciting an insurrection on Jan 6th should be all but certain after a bipartisan Congressional committee layed out a comprehensive case against him and referred the evidence to the Dept of Justice, but after his investigation Special Counsel Jack Smith will likely refer the final determination back to AG Garland who could choose to hold his decision in abeyance till after 2024, claiming the DOJ doesn't wish to interfere with the election process. Hopefully not.

Thoughtful and therefore ultimately inconclusive article by @AlgisValiunis in the New Atlantic about why the US dropped atomic bombs on Japan, and about the stories we and historians tell ourselves about that. An intensely morally uncomfortable read, which I mean as praise. thenewatlantis.com/publication

I can't find who shared this to boost their post, but this should be read. I think it is light on the history of Japan suing for peace starting in April, trying to get the Soviets to mediate. Japan wasn't in lockstep on a path to suicide, like this article implies, and I feel the timing of the bombs was to allow Soviet observers to see the devastation themselves. But, here is the article:


Checker at Kroger asked me about my "skirt". I informed her it is a kilt, and made by Damn Near Kilt 'em. then I offered to teach her the difference so she wouldn't offend anyone, which she accepted.

If you don't know, the difference is what is underneath, underwear or confidence. And to be polite, you NEVER ask, just check for yourself.

Last week (thursday) was the anniversary of the worst school killing in American history.

Why don't you know of this killing, and what happened?

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