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I can come up with a new scale, and call it the Kramer scale. It ranges from ‘as cold as a witch’s tit to hot as hell, in increments of 3.14.

All you really need to understand is ‘cold’ and ‘hot’. and how those are different.

Left and right are also scalable, in the gestalt at least. with one end being as far left as you can get, and the other end being as far right as you can get.

This isn’t rocket science, and I think you are belaboring this point not because you fail to understand how irrelevant this is, but because you wish to annoy me. I have no idea WHY, except possibly you are annoyed that I don’t see someone you support as anything but a right winger, or something like that, and you are annoyed. This is a you problem, not a me problem.

In any case, the discussion is terminated.

"Ok then this wasnt even a valid point then."

You asked “how do you “enforce monopolies” “.

If you wanted to ask about creating them, under a specific person, I would have answered that question instead.

It's sad the hottest thing I've ever heard a man say is that he's not ignoring me, he's thinking about what I said.

Alabama band director tased by police for not stopping his students' performance

Johnny Mims and his school band were wrapping up their last song when Birmingham police insisted the performance stop immediately. The confrontation ended with Mims tased in front of his students. #press


Still trying to find my people on Mastodon. Please boost if you:

-Like ice cream.

-Enjoy watching the sunset.

-Have recurring dreams where Tom Hanks speaks to you in unsolvable riddles.

-Have tracked down Tom Hanks to ask him why he haunts your dreams.

-Are no longer allowed within 200 feet of Tom Hanks.

Auto workers are demanding a 40% raise to match the 40% pay increase CEOs of the Detroit automakers got over the past 4 years.

CEOs are calling this absurd, but they couldn't be more wrong.

THIS IS A COMPROMISE. Why? Because worker's real wages have fallen 30% over the past 20 years. They're foregoing 16 years of wage theft for 4 of equity, and consistent equity going forward. That's basic justice.

Pay workers. Unionize workers. Tax billionaires. Save our economy.

@TonyStark The fascinating thing about #MittRomney is how regularly he teeters on the brink of decency without ever quite getting there.

Forrest, did you know you can just get a box of chocolate cherries? Then there’s no surprises, yeah?


And just like that, Twitter becomes an X. I kept it for a year with me inactive, but just see zero value in the site anymore.

I bet my girlfriend that this picture of our cats could get 10 billion boosts on Mastodon.

She said she doesn't believe me. She said there's only 13 million accounts on Mastodon. She said there aren't even 10 billion people on Earth. She said it concerns her that I struggle so hard to comprehend large numbers.

Let's prove her wrong everyone. Boost away and show her just how awesome the Mastodon community is.

So I'm finally basically done with twitter - now using it only to reply to people or promote products, but man does it suck for a lot of artists. Twitter was never a big part of my business, but for some people it was the popular streetcorner they did their work. For them it's just lost money that they won't get back. The modern all-social Internet is brutal.

There are many facts that coexist side by side, inconveniently for people who want to see the world as black and white. Here are a few:

Tesla would not exist were it not for Elon Musk. He dumped his money into the car company, and created the company. Yes, there were guys before him that 'founded' the company, but they literally bought out another company to form Tesla, and bought the car they were trying to make, the Tzero. The Tzero wan't actually all that innovative either, as they were using car bodies from ANOTHER company. Space X wouldn't exist without Musk either. Paypal wouldn't exist without Musk.

Now, all that being said, the guy is still a monster, and blaming the Jews for the failure he created at twitter?? That's all on him. And now, if the stories are true about Ukraine, he needs to be arrested and tried for treason.

Okay, not gonna reply to every one of you because I'm exhausted, but here's my feeling:

I am thrilled that Tarrio got over 2 decades.

I am annoyed with the judge, sick of injustice, sick of inequality in the law & the imbalance in punishments, but still, grateful that ProudPunks got nailed and hopefully somewhat deterred... hopefully.

So I choose to be relieved for a few minutes and not kvetch about a 22 year sentence.

Apropos of nothing, if you complain that a group of Jews who fight against antisemitism are responsible for destroying the value of your company, you are antisemitic.

Feeling a lot of love today for loyal Mastodon pioneer and anchor account George Takei @georgetakei for demonstrating the courage of his convictions. George migrated here last year and never looked back. He continues to share frequent insightful and entertaining posts.

Thank you George! You make Mastodon a better place!

#follow #MastodonMigration

The United States government’s response to the climate crisis feels like we’re all passengers in a train racing at 90 miles an hour toward a cliff while the drivers assure us that they plan to “slow down” to only 80 miles an hour by 2030, or maybe 2040 — except by that time it already will be too late.

And here’s the worst part. That’s how it feels with a “liberal” Democrat, Joe Biden, as President and with the Democrats holding a majority in the Senate.

If Trump or another Republican wins the Presidency in 2024, they will surely speed up that train to at least 100 miles an hour.

But either way, we’re going off a cliff. 🫤

#USA #Politics #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #BusinessAsUsual

When they took trans rights away a lot of people shrugged

When they took women’s rights away a lot of people shrugged

Guess what, Tiny? They’re not going to stop there.

Texas is limiting interstate travel. They’re joining a cadre of states doing the same

This is over abortion now but soon—who knows.

Need to travel out of state for medicine? Family? Religion? Those days are ending

Stand up now or be forced to sit silent forever.


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