The problem is, I had stuffed peppers for lunch. And they were GOOD. So I had 2 of them. And now I am uncomfortably full, and thinking 'just one more'.

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OK, new plan. Just the mother's cats, and maybe Costco. RV place later on.

So far, I have managed to make coffee. And get lunch in the oven.

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HOT OLDER MEN in YOUR AREA want to know if YOU have been TOUCHING the THERMOSTAT.

What kind of stuff would you put in your trailer for an eclipse? Giant magnifying glass? pin hole camera? binoculars? sunglasses? telescope?

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On the agenda: Feed mom's cats. Go to the drug store. Investigate rebuildable camper trailers so I have a mobile place to stay in for the 2024 eclipse.

OK, someone out there knows the answer to this. I have a sudden irrational fear of finding dead mice in my coffee. Specifically, in my coffee cup. I haven't found any mice in such a location, and I don't think I will, logicly. But the fear exists. I doubt there are easy answers as to why, or how to rid myself of this, but I also find it interesting that I have developed it. What other fears might I have that I can't identify as totally irrational? What fears do others have that they are incapable of seeing as irrational, and how does an outsider address those fears without pissing them off?

There is a Doctorial thesis in here someplace...

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1000 follows away from having to get a Mastodon tattoo’d on my left butt cheek. I did not think this through. 🤦‍♂️

Got my switches and new battery operated soldering iron in the mail, so my garden sprayer and lawn mower both get repaired soon!

It's the small things that can make me happy.

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Black Friday should be for bills, too.

I want to get 30% off my electricity bill if I pay it on Black Friday.

I have put my 1st ever downpayment on a new car. I wonder if you would like to join me:

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I will be not watching the World cup, this year, not for reasons to do with Qatar - because like anti-trans.. anti gay.. all the misogyny and all that terrible stuff that they do over there - particularly all the "slaves" that died building the stadiums.. all those are TOTALLY good reasons not to watch it, I am not watching it because I don't like football

I figured that would give her a pass to sleep in.... but nope. She just came out at 12:00:01 and said "Happy Anniversary!"

I jumped a foot.

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Every year on this date, my wife and I have a tradition, we both try to be the 1st to say 'happy anniversary' to the other and then complain the other forgot. This has led to some fun pranks, like last year me hiding in the kitchen for her to come out, walk past me, so I could get the jump on her. Or buying pens to write on mirrors "I win" messages.

This year, I told her that her present was that I was going to let her say it 1st.

32 years now, and we still laugh and have fun.

Many years ago I knew a guy, who I am reminded of with the Elon Musk news. This guy was apparently a pretty good software engineer, and people either liked him, or thought he was a creepy SOB. I knew the guy, but never thought much of him, good or bad. I did have many people come to me to complain about the guy, and several say he was a sweetheart. At times he would go off on abusive tantrums blaming people for his own issues. I was targeted by him like this once... But honestly I didn't care.

Fast forward several years, and his went missing. And no one noticed. For WEEKS, I mean, his boss and co-workers didn't notice. His family didn't. Eventually someone went around his house and found out his house cats had been eating him.

If EM didn't have vast amounts of cash, no one would pay attention to him. Just because he DOES, doesn't mean we have to.

Leave him to his cats, in your mind, and reality.

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If you say “F* Elon” it spells something Trump soon will be.

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There seems to be a lot of misconceptions about how to set up Mastodon.

1. You do not have to sacrifice a duck. Any waterfowl will do.
2. The bit about dancing around naked in a forest glade? While dancing is fun, you may just walk.
3. When the demon appears, you needn’t chant in Latin. It is fluent in all languages.

The rest of the guide is correct.

I just remembered something horrible I did in middle school. I took basic electronics, which meant we did things like learn how to wind an electric motor. So we had really thin copper wire... which we quickly learned was great to wrap a invisible strand around things that needed to be plugged in... Not sure WHY I remember that, and I feel guilty about laughing at the memory...

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