Based on my time at NIH ages ago, this is VERY necessary. I wish I had a union back then. Good luck to the NIH scientists!

How mature are the identification algorithms for top-down #proteomics? If we use two different algorithms on the same data, do we see the same proteoforms? I was recently lucky enough to invest two whole years in top-down #bioinformatics, courtesy of Julia Chamot-Rooke. Kyowon Jeong invested some serious time to teach me about #deconvolution, too! We feature new data from Mowei Zhou for #phosphorylation proteomics.

Numerous sources claim that TurnItIn has a generative AI detector with something like 98% sensitivity and 99% specificity.

For example, the Washington Post, below.

This is completely implausible given that OpenAI themselves only claim to be able to achieve 26% sensitivity and 91% specificity.

So where does this wild claim come from? I think I've figured it out.


I'm pleased to share that I have received the Metabolites 2022 Young Investigator Award.

This is a testament to the importance of #computational #massspectrometry research in #metabolomics, and I'm excited to continue contributing powerful bioinformatics tools with my lab.

What “pro-life” laws look like on the ground: go wait in your car in the parking lot until you start to bleed out and then come back to us.


i know half the dems in congress are afraid of their own shadows but c’mon, an unpopular institution issuing unpopular rulings taking rights from people is also wildly corrupt? that’s an easy layup

Clarence Thomas is not alone. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch has also benefitted financially from parties with an interest in the high court’s business while neglecting to disclose the relationship. rollingstone.com/politics/poli

"Gorsuch did not disclose the identity of the purchaser. That box was left blank."

Now that's just consciousness of guilt, because he knew how it looked to suddenly sell his property to the chief executive of a massive law firm with regular business before SCOTUS.


FIRE notes that TPUSA targeted 61 professors in 2021. FIRE doesn’t note that it sponsored a TPUSA “free speech” event in 2017. One of my criticisms of FIRE is that it occasionally has difficulty distinguishing between free speech supporters and people who support speech they agree with.


Do you know the mammalian monosaccharides? Most people who know their #aminoacids and #nucleotides answer no to this quesion... Want to learn? Download our new #glycogang #glycotime poster today! glyco-alberta.ca/educational-r (in the for educators tab). Learn more about #glycosylation #education #biochemistry

It's honestly offensive that we're being asked to believe that Clarence Thomas is somehow a brilliant legal mind capable of deciding the thorniest legal cases in the country as a Supreme Court justice, while also being utterly confounded by basic ethics rules.

Billionaire Harlan Crow Bought Property From Clarence Thomas. The Justice Didn’t Disclose the Deal.

The transaction is the first known instance of money flowing from Crow to the Supreme Court justice.

The sale netted the GOP megadonor two vacant lots and the house where Thomas’ mother was living.

#ClarenceThomas #HarlanCrow #SCOTUS #SupremeCourt #RealEstate #Savannah #Georgia


Register now! "#Bioinformatics for Protein ID" is a two-day short course in at #ASMS during June 3-4, 2023. Our course is aimed at newcomers to #proteomics. We cover the basics of database search, but we also demonstrate algorithms for spectral libraries and spectral networks. If you want to maximize what you get from each LC-MS/MS experiment, don't miss it!

Fees are $180 for students, but only if you register before April 30!


Here is a must-read post from children's author Maggie Tokuda-Hall on how Scholastic offered to publish her book — all she had to do was remove all mention of racism.

Sure, they're banning books in Tennessee and Texas. But it's not just the books that get published and then banned from the library. It's all the books that don't get published in the first place.

Those banning books know publishers like Scholastic pull this cowardly bullshit. It's their game plan.


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