Excited to get started here with an !

I'm currently a PhD candidate in the Neuroscience Graduate Group (NGG) at the University of Pennsylvania. My work sits at the intersection of systems and computational neuroscience, exploring how environmental volatility affects decision-making behavior and its neural correlates.

In addition to collecting and exploring data, I love , , and . Finding ways to build a common understanding of concepts brings me so much joy.

Outside of work, I love , , , and absolutely anything involving my dog, Moe.

I'm looking forward to engaging on here!

That sounds like a very interesting area of study. Welcome to Mastodon.

Finding common understanding is vital at this point in human development I believe (as well as joyful). The stories/narratives we have so often colour opinions in a way that doesn't serve truth, merely serving the narratives themselves, our small tribes, or simply self-serving.

I often try to dig deeper using etymology and the history of language as a tool for unearthing a little wisdom.

@Irreverent_B, thanks for the thoughts. I totally agree.

Years ago, a friend and I listened to The History of English Podcast. It was an absolutely fascinating exploration of language and its roots (although, inevitably, much of it has since been forgotten).

English is an interesting language as there are so many others that have influenced it: Latin, Greek, Germanic languages, and then all of the adopted words from countries colonised by the English. I haven't heard that podcast, I'll look it up.

What interests me is the way political words are manipulated, even poisoned, to dilute or reverse their meaning.

@Kara_McGaughey Welcome to the Fediverse! Your work sounds intriguing and I look forward to your insights and observations. But I’ll be honest: Please post cute photos of Moe. 😀
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