Pugs with breathing problems due to the results of breeding, and woman with large breasts unable to run pain-free without a bra are the result of effectively the same process.

So why is one immoral and not the other? Why do people vocally discourage people from breeding pugs or other dogs with breeding issues but you'd never hear anyone claim women with large breasts shouldn't have children?

I'm not suggesting anything here myself either way. I'm simply posing the question and would like to hear the reasoning each of you might apply to rationalizing this discongruity.


@freemo i guess it has something to do with 'personal choice of an evolved species' A human individual can (& has every right to) weigh in on a personal decision even if it seems harmful from others' perspectives, whereas breeding an unhealthy pug involves another being''s life and that being cannot voice its opinion out.

@Karthikdeva One could argue that if two pugs choose to have sex that is them acting on their own free will. At least to the same extent as two humans having sex. In both cases it is an instinctual drive so much as it is a choice.

@freemo Yes. That's a valid argument.
But does a Pug feel bad or self-harm if someone abuses/restricts it's right to give birth? Does a Pug 'argues' or 'sues' you?
Human is capable of all this.
If Pug is as smart (advanced cognitive abilities) as Human, people won't dare to comment on what it should /shouldn't do

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