@Karthikdeva Never used Apple Music, have Spotify, ocassionally premium, sometimes just the free service.

I do miss Rdio, which I liked a lot and feel was better than Spot.

Why are you leaving AM? Just Curious.


@design_RG never had the chance to use Rdio, sadly.
I just took spotify premium for a year, it was a very very good deal (relatively speaking).
I am leaving AM for one simple reason, they don't have dedicated podcasts like spotify.
Also, i tried playing local Indian song playlists in spotify, it was amazing. Far more superior than AM.

@Karthikdeva Ah, that sounds like a lot of good reasons. Do it. 😄

Rdio was really nice, their radio stations I still miss a lot. Spotify shows music on their default pages that has no relation at all with me.

But they do have a good library, amazing music, all there for your enjoyment. Times we live in!

I remember being so happy when some close friend would buy an LP of some group I was curious about. If you wwere lucky, maybe could loan it, or at least visit them and enjoy a session.

Music was played by albums, not tracks. Side A finished? maybe side B?

I still listen to music like that. And enjoy a moment in an artist's career.

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