Had a great time at the Scripps Neuro symposium yesterday and looking forward to more neuroscience at starting tomorrow!

Hi all,
I am an assistant professor in #neuroscience at Georgetown University. My lab studies the cells and circuits that degenerate in Parkinson's Disease.
Check out our #SfN2022 posters in the Saturday Basal Ganglia session (session #55)

Hello! A brief - I’m an Asst Prof at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. I study organizational principles of . We study underlying , , and across species. We also develop methods for synapse-resolution . Looking forward to learning more!

Lab: lee.hms.harvard.edu/

Tip for the new folk:
Often Mastodon’s features work the way they do because it was first populated by people who had been harassed on FB and the Birdsite.

For instance (not sorry), you cannot search Masto for a simple term. Only #hashtags. Say you’re having a private conversation about iguanas. Anti-iguana trolls will not be able to search for “iguanas”, find your conversation, and drop into it to say, “Iguana luvers suck!”

But if you are wanting to connect with new iguana fanciers on Mastodon, slipping an #iguanas hashtag somewhere into your posts will allow people to search for and find them.

#TwitterMigration #Twitter

Hi folks, another Twitter migrator here. I'm an #Inupiaq assistant prof studying #Microbiology #ecology and #hostMicrobe interactions. I also dabble in #beadwork #running and I am a single parent who moved across the country at the start of the pandemic. I love following the news, mostly though podcasts, and I used to be an avid reader. Oh, and I hike and talk about #DEIJ issues and support mentees in #academia. Trying to find my place here.

Hello all, new here trying to find my community. I am a #HHMI Hanna Gray Fellow in the Tesar Lab at #CWRU in #Cleveland where I study #glia in the brain inside your gut, and founder of the science education non-profit Rise Up: Northeast Ohio. Previously supported by #NYSCF.

I am passionate about equity in education, open science, mentoring the next generation of scientists, and teasing apart the molecular symphony that directs cells to shift states; enteric glia are my instrument of choice.

Are you attending Society for #neuroscience next week?

Come to SFN Banter!

A whole bar with open air space has been reserved by ✨two great trainees✨ who singlehandedly corralled the financial support 💰💰 of many great scientific vendors.

#sfnbanter22 will be at Sidebar (536 Market Street) on Monday 11/14 during #SfN2022 starting at 9pm!

Now more than ever, we got a lot to Banter about!
🧠 moving to Mastodon
🧠 staying on Twits
🧠 starting our own social media site MarbleBurying dot com

Learned about #Mastadon this week from the bird app & fell in love, so prob good to join in for #FollowFriday. I'm a neurobio postdoc w/ a mechE background doing a lot of calcium imaging & analysis in Python and ImageJ. I also ride bikes, a lot. Probably too much if you ask my academic mentors.
A few rad ppl to follow:

I read that Mastadon is more interactive than bird app & I'm looking for ppl to follow, so maybe say hello if that's you?

Hi all! I’m a neuroscientist at WashU in St. Louis. I study cognitive affective neurodevelopment across infancy and childhood with a long term goal of better understanding anxiety and depression. First gen, Mexican-American, and 🏳️‍🌈 #introductions #neuroscience #science

#introduction Hoping to connect to #scientists to develop a community that celebrates success, commiserates in defeats, supports EDI initiatives in #stem , and shares #LOTR memes. #neuroscience

Hello people! time: I’m a post doc at Salk institute studying and . I am from Arizona and did my PhD at Harvard studying and .

In addition to my research, I care about mentoring and am active in Salk’s SACNAS chapter. I’m also a runner training for my first marathon and have two really good cats.
Here’s my website: krissylyon.wixsite.com/website.

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