So, my laptop died the first week of February. I finally was able to get a new one this week! I've been losing my mind but I can finally write and process photos again.

However, I am finally transitioning away from windows 10 as my primary operating system. I got a little m.2 enclosure for my old SSD and can boot windows from it over USB-C when I have the itch to game or need to use it as a backup.

But, the main software I use, Microsoft Word and Adobe Lightroom, I already have linux alternatives for 😊

I was hoping to get to use Qubes OS as my new primary OS, but it doesn't like my Intel WiFi 6 chip ☹️ so I will probably have to go back to old faithful, Debian. Or maybe I can manage to get FreeBSD to play nice with my WiFi, but I don't have much hope of that either.

If anyone has gotten Qubes OS 4.1 alpha to play nice with Intel WiFi 6 200AX, please let me know. I've tried everything I can find online but will probably have to wait until 4.1 is out of alpha and properly released.

Loving the new laptop tho. 2TB nvme SSD, 64GB RAM, Ryzen 7 4800H, perfect for all the VMs I want to run in Qubes, and the on chip graphics are actually enough for me to game at even slightly better performance than my previous discreet GPU that was an evil nvidia GTX 965M.


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