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Here is one more pin for my profile with the original in case anyone wants to do something similar.

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This was kinda long for my profile, so I am instead posting and pinning it so I can shorten my profile.

Very new here. I don't normally do the whole social media thing, but this fucking pandemic has me pissed off and bored, looking around places on the net that I normally wouldn't check out or care about. When I found This network with its many and varied instances, I just had to give it a look.

I will not apologize for being who I am but I do apologize if anything I say offends you. I don't typically want to offend anyone, but sometimes my fingers type before my brain thinks it thru. For that, I do apologize.

I don't know what I expect from this. I like to look at gifs, vids, and read stories. If you have some you want to share with me, please do. But please do NOT link me to sites that require paying or even supposedly free registration. I'm broke AF, even more so with the pandemic.

I'm a nerd girl. If you wanna get your tech freak on with me, you better not be talking about fucking Apple shit (unless you did something interesting with it like hacking an ancient Powerbook to run Linux lol) because I'm not interested in candy cane tech. Don't be asking me to code anything for you because I have a perceptual disorder that makes looking at code for more than a few minutes give me a headache. It's literally another language and I had a hard enough time with French and Latin.

I am also kinda spiritual (not religious) and I say kinda because it's different for everyone and I am rather eclectic. I can feel and sense energy from the world around me. I sometimes will use tarot cards to help my intuition contextualize that energy, but not often.

I'm rather weird, a little twisted, and kinda all over the place. I have lots of interests but what I like at any given moment depends on my mood at the time.

General Interests: Linux (mainly Kali and QubesOS) some gaming like ESO, technology in general I find fascinating. Computers, internet, mobile tech, tiny living, off-grid, prepper/survival info, hacking for learning not for profit. If I hacked for profit, I wouldn't be so broke.

I also have quite a pervy side that I have no shame about. I will, however, minimize it here as there are other instances just for that so I can always make an account there.

Do NOT talk to me if you are a bigot. In other words, don't be a racist, sexist, homophobe, politician, etc. I welcome open-minded discussion, but that's not possible if you have a closed mind.

I may add more here later.

Dear Americans, please remember to get out and vote in the mid-term elections to prevent the fascist so-called republicans from turning democracy into a joke.

USB is like the human family tree... Type B was homo-erectus, Micro-USB was that one we only have a pinky bone for despite it's proliferation, Type A is us the homo-sapiens, and Type C is the X-Men

Do you ever just stop what your doing... look around confused... and think to yourself... "Something is very wrong here."

"Be kind, be respectful. Life is not a competition, nobody gets out alive, a little kindness goes a long way." - unknown

So my interest in radio has been reignighted (amateur, CB, MURS, GMRS, etc) recently. I like the idea of having options as backup communications in case of emergencies and such. I'm going to get my GMRS licence (yay no test required) as soon as they actually drop the cost to $35 as promised lol.

Eventually I'm going to get all 3 levels of Amateur licence as well, but in the mean time, I want something my entire family can use. But I'm also interested in the tech side of things. Like, apparently the ISS is doing an event right now sending images down to earth using amateur radio tech, or how you can program some of these radios to be scanners too by connecting them to a freaking computer. I wonder if they could be interfaced to work kinda like an SDR?

Been obsessing over some of these ideas for the last few weeks because my brain is always churning out possible situations and coming up with solutions to to situations.

Terminal Emulator Face Off!

If you could only pick one of these terminals to use as your daily driver, which would you pick? Feel free to comment too as I'm having trouble deciding.

Ready... GO!

I got the Elder Scrolls Online running on my linux laptop... no more need to boot into windows each day to play. <3

So, my laptop died the first week of February. I finally was able to get a new one this week! I've been losing my mind but I can finally write and process photos again.

However, I am finally transitioning away from windows 10 as my primary operating system. I got a little m.2 enclosure for my old SSD and can boot windows from it over USB-C when I have the itch to game or need to use it as a backup.

But, the main software I use, Microsoft Word and Adobe Lightroom, I already have linux alternatives for 😊

I was hoping to get to use Qubes OS as my new primary OS, but it doesn't like my Intel WiFi 6 chip ☹️ so I will probably have to go back to old faithful, Debian. Or maybe I can manage to get FreeBSD to play nice with my WiFi, but I don't have much hope of that either.

If anyone has gotten Qubes OS 4.1 alpha to play nice with Intel WiFi 6 200AX, please let me know. I've tried everything I can find online but will probably have to wait until 4.1 is out of alpha and properly released.

Loving the new laptop tho. 2TB nvme SSD, 64GB RAM, Ryzen 7 4800H, perfect for all the VMs I want to run in Qubes, and the on chip graphics are actually enough for me to game at even slightly better performance than my previous discreet GPU that was an evil nvidia GTX 965M.


what's more cyberpunk

boosts appreciated to get more accurate poll results! :boost_ok:

I always new about "top" since I first tried Linux in the late 90s. Now that I am getting more into it and want to switch to *nix full time, I'm learning more. Recently I learned about htop. I thought that was interesting. Then today I learned about bpytop. That one was a bit trickier to get. Turns out it's a python version of something called bash top. It's pretty interesting tho. Certainly a nice direction for CLI to move towards.

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