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If anyone ever wants to play Star Citizen (and there is a free-fly event starting Thursday, June 06, 2023) please use my referral code so both you and I get some little extras. <3


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People seem to get confused when I say that GOP = Golgothans Oppressing People... so here is a clip to clear up just what a Golgothan is lol.

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Here is one more pin for my profile with the original in case anyone wants to do something similar.

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This was kinda long for my profile, so I am instead posting and pinning it so I can shorten my profile.

Very new here. I don't normally do the whole social media thing, but this fucking pandemic has me pissed off and bored, looking around places on the net that I normally wouldn't check out or care about. When I found This network with its many and varied instances, I just had to give it a look.

I will not apologize for being who I am but I do apologize if anything I say offends you. I don't typically want to offend anyone, but sometimes my fingers type before my brain thinks it thru. For that, I do apologize.

I don't know what I expect from this. I like to look at gifs, vids, and read stories. If you have some you want to share with me, please do. But please do NOT link me to sites that require paying or even supposedly free registration. I'm broke AF, even more so with the pandemic.

I'm a nerd girl. If you wanna get your tech freak on with me, you better not be talking about fucking Apple shit (unless you did something interesting with it like hacking an ancient Powerbook to run Linux lol) because I'm not interested in candy cane tech. Don't be asking me to code anything for you because I have a perceptual disorder that makes looking at code for more than a few minutes give me a headache. It's literally another language and I had a hard enough time with French and Latin.

I am also kinda spiritual (not religious) and I say kinda because it's different for everyone and I am rather eclectic. I can feel and sense energy from the world around me. I sometimes will use tarot cards to help my intuition contextualize that energy, but not often.

I'm rather weird, a little twisted, and kinda all over the place. I have lots of interests but what I like at any given moment depends on my mood at the time.

General Interests: Linux (mainly Kali and QubesOS) some gaming like ESO, technology in general I find fascinating. Computers, internet, mobile tech, tiny living, off-grid, prepper/survival info, hacking for learning not for profit. If I hacked for profit, I wouldn't be so broke.

I also have quite a pervy side that I have no shame about. I will, however, minimize it here as there are other instances just for that so I can always make an account there.

Do NOT talk to me if you are a bigot. In other words, don't be a racist, sexist, homophobe, politician, etc. I welcome open-minded discussion, but that's not possible if you have a closed mind.

I may add more here later.

If anyone checks out the game during the free-fly event and decides they want to get a starter package, feel free to use my referral code so that we both get a bit of extra in-game credits to enjoy. :)


Right-wing psychos make me ashamed of both my country and my species.

Grand Admiral Elon Thrawn?
Please, stop insulting Thrawn like this. A tactical genius villain like Thrawn would have turned Twitter into a too-successful propaganda machine that would have stopped the rebellion.

Elon just turned Twitter into weaponized stupidity.

get ready for a nationwide plague of alcohol poisoning and booze-related deaths.

"Alone in the constellation of alienation, detached from empty conversation... I wait."

- Red Hot Chili Peppers

This confuses the hell out of me... not the message, I would like to see the Fascist wave of hate that's spreading around the world end too, but it was posted to Twitter by Elon Musk, and I thought he was one of the fascists spreading lies and supporting psychotic politicians...

If anyone ever wants to play Star Citizen (and there is a free-fly event starting Thursday, June 06, 2023) please use my referral code so both you and I get some little extras. <3


Vlad the invader being invaded by his own mercenaries... it would be poetic if it weren't so tragic for the civilians that get caught in the crossfire.

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