So my interest in radio has been reignighted (amateur, CB, MURS, GMRS, etc) recently. I like the idea of having options as backup communications in case of emergencies and such. I'm going to get my GMRS licence (yay no test required) as soon as they actually drop the cost to $35 as promised lol.

Eventually I'm going to get all 3 levels of Amateur licence as well, but in the mean time, I want something my entire family can use. But I'm also interested in the tech side of things. Like, apparently the ISS is doing an event right now sending images down to earth using amateur radio tech, or how you can program some of these radios to be scanners too by connecting them to a freaking computer. I wonder if they could be interfaced to work kinda like an SDR?

Been obsessing over some of these ideas for the last few weeks because my brain is always churning out possible situations and coming up with solutions to to situations.

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