Dear Americans, please remember to get out and vote in the mid-term elections to prevent the fascist so-called republicans from turning democracy into a joke.

USB is like the human family tree... Type B was homo-erectus, Micro-USB was that one we only have a pinky bone for despite it's proliferation, Type A is us the homo-sapiens, and Type C is the X-Men

Do you ever just stop what your doing... look around confused... and think to yourself... "Something is very wrong here."

@freeschool Sorry to be the bearer of bad news mate, but you're barkin up the wrong tree with all of that.

I already get all of that and have been bitching about it since I learned to think for myself rather than parroting what the system wanted me to think.

My input overload had nothing to do with the content of the message and everything to do with how my mind processes things in different ways. Being autistic is a blessing and a curse in cases like this.

It means I can see things others might normally miss, understand things on an abstract level that might make no sense to anyone else or only to others that have seen some of the shit I've been through. But it also means that it HURTS that much more to see how broken things are and how few people seem to be trying to fix things.

My eyes glazed over because I was just rereading crap that I've been talking about since the early 90s mate. No real point in processing a wall of letters that just regurgitate the same drivel I used to spout. The difference is I've changed since I started thinking about all this kind of stuff.

Yeah, we need some pretty radical change. But that's not gonna happen from smacking down the people that try to be positive. Doing that just feeds back into the vicious cycle.

Friendly fire will happen sometimes, but it will happen far less often if you open your eyes and look where you're aiming mate.

@freeschool wow... that's a lot. I gotta admit, walls of text that large make my eyes glaze over from input overload.

That said, what I was able to glean from it tells me one thing... you are thinking in "black and white" and not seeing any of the grey in the middle. You don't have to be just one way or just another. Yes you gotta take care of yourself, but that doesn't mean we have to beat anyone else down in the process.

I didn't paste that quote as a flowery idea or to try and change the world or anything like that. I did it to remind people that other people are not all that different from them.. .they are also just trying to live their lives, so why not help each other instead of getting all pissy about the color of ones skin or who's god has a bigger dick or whatever shit people fight over these days?

There is so much division and hate these days... people need to remember that we are all just people.. all the racial crap in the world for example... it pisses me off b/c there aren't different races.. we are all the fucking HUMAN RACE. The fact that there are people that can't see that...

I try to spread positivity rather than hate and anger. Someone's gotta do it, or we're all gonna be fucked in the end.

"Be kind, be respectful. Life is not a competition, nobody gets out alive, a little kindness goes a long way." - unknown

So my interest in radio has been reignighted (amateur, CB, MURS, GMRS, etc) recently. I like the idea of having options as backup communications in case of emergencies and such. I'm going to get my GMRS licence (yay no test required) as soon as they actually drop the cost to $35 as promised lol.

Eventually I'm going to get all 3 levels of Amateur licence as well, but in the mean time, I want something my entire family can use. But I'm also interested in the tech side of things. Like, apparently the ISS is doing an event right now sending images down to earth using amateur radio tech, or how you can program some of these radios to be scanners too by connecting them to a freaking computer. I wonder if they could be interfaced to work kinda like an SDR?

Been obsessing over some of these ideas for the last few weeks because my brain is always churning out possible situations and coming up with solutions to to situations.

Terminal Emulator Face Off!

If you could only pick one of these terminals to use as your daily driver, which would you pick? Feel free to comment too as I'm having trouble deciding.

Ready... GO!

@miamiautumn in that case, you will definitely want to stay away from BlackArch lol

@d0p3s4vitr @miamiautumn Nah, just determined gamers lol. If you want hackery vibes, try Kali linux and jump into the metasploit framework or the social engineering toolkit lol

@miamiautumn I'm not sure if this would work for you since OS X is based on BSD rather than linux... but I installed steam, enabled the "steam play" option for all games, set it to use proton version 5.0 (5.13 wasn't working for it) and then had to change some directory permissions.. and bam.. i was off and running lol

I got the Elder Scrolls Online running on my linux laptop... no more need to boot into windows each day to play. <3

So, my laptop died the first week of February. I finally was able to get a new one this week! I've been losing my mind but I can finally write and process photos again.

However, I am finally transitioning away from windows 10 as my primary operating system. I got a little m.2 enclosure for my old SSD and can boot windows from it over USB-C when I have the itch to game or need to use it as a backup.

But, the main software I use, Microsoft Word and Adobe Lightroom, I already have linux alternatives for 😊

I was hoping to get to use Qubes OS as my new primary OS, but it doesn't like my Intel WiFi 6 chip ☹️ so I will probably have to go back to old faithful, Debian. Or maybe I can manage to get FreeBSD to play nice with my WiFi, but I don't have much hope of that either.

If anyone has gotten Qubes OS 4.1 alpha to play nice with Intel WiFi 6 200AX, please let me know. I've tried everything I can find online but will probably have to wait until 4.1 is out of alpha and properly released.

Loving the new laptop tho. 2TB nvme SSD, 64GB RAM, Ryzen 7 4800H, perfect for all the VMs I want to run in Qubes, and the on chip graphics are actually enough for me to game at even slightly better performance than my previous discreet GPU that was an evil nvidia GTX 965M.


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