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Has anyone tried a browser called Sphere? I only glanced at some info about it so far but it seems like the TOR browser on steroids. Confirm?

It's possible I just missed it in the plethora of eye-glazing information out there... but has anyone figured out a way to set names for workspaces in polybar... or make all your workspaces show in the par, even the empty ones?

Or, better yet, does anyone know of any better (not lemonbar please) alternatives to polybar? I would like something that is as simply elegant like the i3 bar but super customizable like polybar (mostly) is.

Anyone else experiencing mysteriously vanishing toots?

So, I somewhat recently posted a link to a friend's crowdfunding page as she seeks help getting a new computer for getting back to work. I diagnosed her problem with her current laptop tonight as actually being a short in the motherboard. That's what's messing with her I/O so badly. I went to update that toot tonight only to find it has vanished from my timeline, and I'd had it pinned.

morgana's saggy tits... i think this install is secretly just a script that says "download /internet/src" and the networkd is just like "which ones?" and the script goes all gary oldman "EVERYONE!" πŸ˜‚ :linux:

I'm so sick of all this talk about "cancel culture." It's not a culture, it's a LACK of culture, and a lack of critical thinking skills. What happened to "I may hate what you say, but I will defend your right to say it" huh?

Continuing on from a previous toot about my interest in *nix systems... I mentioned liking customization. I also like to "hack on things" which is how I tend to customize my stuff.

For anyone not familiar with that phrase (I only learned of it recently) it's not the same as "hacking" which I also like to do. I like to learn hacking stuff and test it on my old machines so I can help friends and family when they have computer security issues or questions. It's also just fun as hell to set up your own private network and see what you can do to snoop on it or break it. Breaking stuff gives you some good insight on how to fix it. When I played around with Kali linux to learn/practice pentesting on my network, I was horrified by now much data I was able to sniff out. It sure as hell gave me a better appreciation for cybersecurity experts.

Most of my *nix play time has been with Kali and before that Kali's parent distro, Debian. One of the weirdest things I ever did that I now realize was kind of a mix of hacking and hacking-on, was an old Mac Powerbook 3400c I once had. It was a mac from the days of system 7. Rather notorious for not playing well with others lol. I ended up having to hack into the firmware of it to enable to monitor's backlight, but I got Debian running on it LOL. Since it was a laptop that I got strictly to be a an experiment lab, I also managed to get NetBSD running on it.

That was my only real exposure to any form of BSD. I was just a little too used to Debian at the time to switch to learning BSD. But, now that I am out of work and thus don't HAVE to have a windows machine to work from home, I have been reteaching myself Linux with virtual box. In doing so, I periodically come across some info about FreeBSD as well.

So, I have been doing some side research on FreeBSD as well. Not much, but enough to learn the differences in the userland sanity, which I have to say is a big point in FreeBSD's favor. I also like how it seems so minimal right out of the gate and you install bits as you go and need them. It's like the antithesis of bloatware lol. It also helps that the pkg system is so much like apt lol.

So, here is my current dilemma. I have been reteaching myself on Kali (i know, you shouldn't use it as a daily driver) but I like that it's so up to date with rolling releases compared to Debian stable, and still more stable then Debian Sid. I also want to keep up to date on the Kali pentesting tools so I can quickly demonstrate to a company why they should hire me for security at an interview lol.

I would like some opinions on what y'all think I should keep as my primary environment for all of this but also which you think would be a better platform to help me learn python on.

If it's not obvious, I am getting ready to make THE move permanently away from Windows and really dive into the "custom system" world. Ideally, I would like to have a laptop that is capable of running Qubes OS quite well. Then I would also have VM's there, but would still like one of the Qubes to be my personal virtual environment that I would "live in" for the most part.

Thoughts, ideas?

I have been confusing some people with my bouncing all around various linux topics lately so let me explain my mindset. I like free software, not just free of money but freedom to customize. I love customization and making things work and look how I want them to. I like to tinker and learn. I have heard some call it "hacking on" this or that.

Linux also matches how my brain works in a lot of ways. lots of tangents to veer off and gopher holes for fall down lol. Which reminds me.. if there a fediverse version of something like github or gitlab?

Finally getting around to teaching myself git. What push option do you think is better for basic, personal work and testing?

that feeling when your brain explodes with so many ideas that it suddenly collapses back in on itself forming a singularity of thought.

I need to put on a tin foil hat for a moment ask the conspiracy theory question. Is it at all possible that the riots were intentionally started because the world was starting to display too much unity in the face of the pandemic?

Do you want to fix the US? 2 simple steps can go a long to doing that.

First: Make EVERY single elected office require patched uniforms with a patch for every name of every person or group that donated more than 5 grand to that person's campaign.

Second: Divert some taxpayer money, say 3% of the stupidly large military budget, to a neutral (has an equal number of reporters from each camp) news station that must be freely and readily available to all that can only take donations/run commercials on a "no strings attached" basis.

With these 2 simple steps, everyone would know who had bought the "elected" officials and everyone would have access to a news source they knew would give them more than one point of view.

what mobile apps do people use for mastadon? Please leave a comment with your suggestion and some of the features you think make it great.

That feeling when everything you do to distract yourself from the pandemic makes you want to do something else instead...

This needs to be required watching for every human being even without quarantine.

My current phones dies the moment I take it off the charger. It is absolutely time to upgrade. The question is, what to upgrade to?

None of these are 5G since It won't be available in my area until my upgrade after this probably.

Both of the Note 10s listed are the 256 GB interal storage versions, available for those prices from my service provider.

The Cosmo has a keyboard and can dual-boot between android and linux, but only has 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage.

The renewed Note 10+ is factory unlocked, snapdragon (not the crappy Exynos) and 512 GB internal storage and a 90 day return policy, see Amazon renewed terms etc for more info on that.

I have heard very few things about Amazon's "Renewed" products and certification... but they were all good. The reviews for the seller are mostly good... about 4.3/5 stars with over 160 reviews.

Thoughts, suggestions, ideas? Which would you pick?

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