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People seem to get confused when I say that GOP = Golgothans Oppressing People... so here is a clip to clear up just what a Golgothan is lol.

Smoke from the Canadian wildfires has caused historically poor air quality in the northeastern U.S.

This animation shows how black carbon particles, or soot, moved across eastern portions of Canada and the U.S. from June 3–8, 2023.

Why do I keep posting videos like these? The short answer is that the so-called "United" States is anything but united and the mainstream media will only report on any of these issues with their own propagandist slant, if at all.

The Right Wing and to a lesser extent the Left Wing too, are filling up with Golgothans.

That is why we need independent media sources and websites like Ground News that show which way a news source is leaning.

To anyone fleeing from the barbaric red states, there is hope. Get out if you must and flee to a safe haven state.

If you wanted to know how the US is becoming as corrupt as the Putin regime, here you go.

so... this is really interesting... but it makes me wonder... horse riding isn't that big of a thing anymore. I know some still do it, I just mean it's not as wide spread as it seems it was in the past... so why do we still wear trousers?

I am surprised that I did not know this about dandelions. I'm glad I know now lol.

Resistance against trans genocide often looks and feels like this: one, lone trans woman, standing alone, with no allies around her, her voice silenced, her dead mic raised defiantly above her head, her terrified eyes begging someone to listen, to help, to stop this madness.

β€œTheir calculation is the same as it was for Jews in the 1930s: It doesn’t matter if we end up in a homeless shelter far away, it is still safer than living under this fascist government.”

-Brynn Tannehill describes the human tragedies beginning to unfold under violently extreme Republican rule.

#Fascism #RepublicanExtremism


Republicans disenfranchised millions of PoC using mass incarceration & the "war on drugs".

Millions of PoC would still have access to vote, and an interest in the outcome of elections, if addiction had been treated as a medical crisis and not a criminal one.

Felony disenfranchisement for women has arrived.

Criminalizing reproductive medical treatment means millions of women will lose their right to vote.

Hey DT, I just thought you might be amused by what I just found.

"This species is good at only one thing, tearing itself apart with the brute force application of distilled stupidity." - Me, 2023

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