@Hexa I did originally have that (and ears for earrings), but then I decided to remove them since, due to the art style, they wouldn't be visible on the characters and this is a non-magic setting so they also wouldn't be functional.

@LouisIngenthron The "w" is not capitalized in "Under wear", but also "underwear" is properly one word unlike the multi-line labels so the "w" is in the middle of the world and shouldn't be capitalized anyway, but also "underwear" is too long to fit comfortably without splitting it so it requires an uncapitalized second line that looks like a mistake...

I'm sorry, they must now called "Undies". This is the only solution.

@squipo Lol, correct, it is a single word wrapped to multiple lines and I didn't like how it looked with the hyphen. The saving grace is that the tooltip properly displays it as one word.

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