I am curious what other folks are playing, videogames-wise?

@shebang @Lwasserman

Oh yeah, CDDA is awesome. I stopped to go back to Bannerlord for a bit after I completed my killdozer, and now I'm trying to complete Alien Isolation.

QQ, do pulped Zs revive nowadays?

@nerdman @Lwasserman Not pulped ones. Although there is a setting to make Zeds not raise up in the first place.

@freemo @Lwasserman Once you get past the learning curve its just incredibly good fun.

@Lwasserman Nothing right now. Last thing I was playing was Black Desert.

@freemo @Lwasserman Watch this review from the legendary Sethzz, it has crude humor and you need to like it, but he is a really good reviewer.

@Lwasserman I would say that i only play MGSV and PD2, I want to return to destiny 2 but this season just sucks. Also try FTL I lost the entirety of my progress and I would gladly play it again. One my best time favourites.

@Lwasserman I'm waiting for September 17th when Cyberpunk 2077 comes out. Been waiting 10 years for this damn thing. I'm gonna binge Rockstars and Redbulls for a three day marathon with plenty of junk food on release night.

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