Does anyone else need to restart their coding projects from scratch several times, when trying to work out something new? My harddrive is littered with with the husks of failed attempts...

@Lwasserman Not usually the whole project, but usually major sections of it (my projects are modular enough to almost always act as many smaller projects)...

In fact, I'd say the sign of a good programmer is one who is not afraid to try new ideas, fail, and rewrite it a few times over.

@Lwasserman I always seem to do better on the 3rd attempt 😅

@Lwasserman I have a special directory named Experiments for, well, experimenting with random programming stuff.
And I have configured the shell to be able to quickly mkdir a sub-directory named like 2020-05-27-short-description and cd into it.

At this time, it contains 382 sub-directories, starting from 2018.

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