Also, there seems to be a huge shift in the appearance, manner and tactics of the people gathering during the day, and the ones setting fire at night. Unless the whole group went home and changed into their pseudo-militia gear, I think there isn't a ton of overlap.

@Lwasserman This seems reasonable to me. The ones during the day are likely to be different people with different sensabilities than the sort of people likely to come out at night ready for a conflict. I would expect this as almost normal in a riot sort of situation.


@freemo Maybe. But I think there might be more to it. I'll post if and when I get some concrete evidence.

@Lwasserman I'm skeptical. Everytime there are riots people try to blame some shadowy conspiracy. I think its part of the same pattern, people refuse to take accountability for their own part in the problem. Everyone wants to blame the man, the government, something above and outside themselves. No one wants to admit them or their community is part of the problem.

This pattern is so consistent I already told my one friend someone going to start making exactly these sorts of arguments (that its really some outside shadowy agency coming in)

I am happy to listen to evidence but ultimately I think its just people trying to scapegoat the accountability, they just cant handle the problem is more than just a corrupt police force.

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