Question: I run Debian, and have had issues for a long time with my web browsers. I'm currently using Chromium and Firefox, but they tend to crash, and occasionally have trouble running things like video. They're better than they used to be in the Flash days, but still not great. Does anyone have a browser that works better, or a good browser fix?

@Lwasserman I've never had this problem, are you on stable?
Have you checked you graphics card driver?
Have you tried creating another profile?

@compass_straight_edge I'm running the stable version. I don't have any other graphics issues, so I think that it's my browser.

@Lwasserman Was it a nvidia card? Their driver was having this issue with some configurations, I recenlty had and fixed a similar issue by disabling vertical sync on xfce compositor settings.

@Lwasserman I used to do voluntary tech support for Firefox on the forums. 95% of the time this happened it was because of extensions or weird setting mods rather than Firefox itself. I recommend you run the FF profile manager, make a clean profile, don't install any extensions and see whether the problem persists.

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