reeeeee i found out an easy way to prove things in linear algebra but can't share it

"As long as there are Gentoo users there will be someone to test massively resource intensive compiler optimisations of uncertain benefit."

Opinion about Tusky and others blocking certain domains 

People generally compare Mastodon and other such software with emails. With that analogy clients like Tusky/Fedilab are similar to email clients that lets you connect to certain domains(IMAP and SMTP server in emails).

I have never seen any email client that doesn't let you connect to certain domains, just because those domains endorse "extremist" views.

#tusky #fedilab #husky

Getting into the Elixir programming language, feeling comfy.

@leyonhjelm @Gargron @tateisu I think the problem is that people are happy to be Google serfs as long as Google doesn't interfere with anything they like. If the OS manufacturer wasn't the arbiter of what you can install, this wouldn't be a problem.
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