Since it seem customary on this server, here’s a little .

I’m Madahin (he/him), your stereotypical ADHD nerd, and also a French Engineer in Computer Science. My main area of focus are low level and embedded dev, although my personal projects include robotics, gamedev, homelab and everything in between.

Politically, I would describe myself as a techno-utopist, but generally speaking, I’m extremely social-left.

Hi, @Madahin! I am also interested in embedded development and am just starting out.

What type of games do you make? It’s something I want to do some day but for now I love watching the games people make and the wide variety of game engines out there.

Hi @derickflorian! Welcome to the world of embedded development!

Currently, I’m trying to motivate myself into making a visual novel engine. I want to see if it’s possible to prove that there is no soft lock possible simply by validating a graph.
I also never finished/abandoned a lot of projects, like a clone of Advance wars, some roguelike, some space invaders clone, etc.
I’m pretty sure the only game I made that saw the light of day was a Ludum Dare entry.

If you want to do gamedev, my (absolutely personal without any real proof of effectiveness) advice is to start with a really simple project and iterate over it.
Like, it’s super easy to make a pong, and there are a lot of way to improve it, like multiplayer, an IA that can realistically lose, bonus, etc.

Modding is an other really good way to get into gamedev, mainly because of the motivation of adding things you want to see in your favorite games, but also because it let you play (or at least have a look) with the internals of real world, actually finished/delivered games.

@Madahin Thanks. That is a good tip. I can’t tell you how many times I have dove headfirst into the deep-end only to completely abandon it when I am busy.

Currently I am slowly making a text based game using a mud framework written in Python. I am working on the first floor of a small dungeon just to try to get something out the door.

@Madahin by the way advance wars was one of my favorite games. That is an awesome game to try to clone!

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