Congratulations we recently hit 1,500 users!!!

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I have never met such an interesting, engaging, and inclusive crowd anywhere else on the Fediverse or internet. You give me hope that social media can be a wonderful and enjoyful place, hell even enriching at times.

I love you all keep it up!

A bit of tar on centrists 👍😁 – kinda funny seen from a non-two-party country though, centrism isn‘t that big here I’d say

I've just finished my new post: TEM mode analysis with an finite element differential equation solver.

In this post I calculate the electric and magnetic fields on a coaxial cable, characteristic impedance of the line, the Poynting vector, the conductor and dielectric loss, an estimated loss coefficient, Q-factor and s-parameter for a given length of cable.

Coax has been a useful example for comparisons with analytical results but the methods are very general. TEM modes of systems with different geometries can also be analysed with the exact same techniques!

Very happy to hear any comments, corrections or suggestions.

Hello Qoto! Without the intention of confirming anything that I will write henceforth, I might be a European physicist who specialized in strongly correlated electron systems, who's currently possibly working as a teacher, and who might dream of publishing novels. It might also be that none of that is true. I also read that qoto supports matematical Latex so all of my dreams have come true

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