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Cranes seen from the Fort Myers Beach causeway, 2020. Inverse image

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Want any help solving problems. Here is my book - very cheap on Amazon.

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Every Mastodon explanation is like "It's very simple, your account is part of a kerflunk, and each kerflunk can talk to each other as part of a bumblurt. At the moment everyone you flurgle can see your bloops but only people IN your kerflunk can quark your nerps. Kinda like email."

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Excess death rates were already higher among Republicans before vaccines came online, possibly due to red states taking a more lax stance on social distancing etc, but once vaccines came on line, the gap widened dramatically 📈

And to be clear, this is after adjusting for age, so it can’t be explained by Republicans simply being older on average. This is the result of a party and its voters turning away from science

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Politics ... but funny 

Almost forgot! Today is Four Seasons Total Landscaping Day! The greatest press conference to have ever happened

Test. Here is a screenshot of a stock study I did today on microchip companies.

Newbie here - also on Twitter while it lasts.

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