“Well, we actually now have data. My colleague, Alison Galvani, is the mathematical epidemiologist at Yale, and her work suggests the COVID vaccine has prevented 3.1 million deaths. So instead of talking 1.1 million, we’re talking about 4.2 or 4.3 million deaths. Not to mention entire hospitals and clinics you’d have to create for all the additional long COVID sufferers. No question these vaccines saved our whole health system from collapsing. We don’t talk about that enough.”

What do you think of LeverNews.com?

I encountered it for the first time today and I'm still trying to figure out things like bias & accuracy & how thoroughly they base their articles on evidence.

I see that David Sirota is Founder/Editor In Chief. 02019 March, he began working as the senior advisor and speechwriter on the Bernie Sanders 02020 presidential campaign.

I haven't found any insights about them on newsguardtech.com/ so I welcome thoughts from here.

Hello! I just migrated my account to the neuromatch server, time to reintroduce! #introduction

I'm Crystal, I'm a neuroscientist interested in visual development. I work for the NIH BRAIN Initiative. I enjoy exploring science and art through quilting, crafting, 3D printing. Once I 3D printed my own brain and it's white matter.

I can also be found in the woods with my two dogs, foraging for mushrooms.

I spoke with students at Knox College, where hackers who ransomwared the school ended up emailing students directly: "all of your SSN and Medical records will be put for sale"

I think it's worth studying . Jack Dorsey tweeted about it recently. I'm brand new to nostr and I used the astral.ninja web client to get started because it was fast and easy.

Verifying my account on nostr (banning offense in Twitter):

My Public Key: ca027f473e2e1179020f61dafbf20505285e93964da0c30705d717840aafcc71

Find others at nostr.directory @ nostrdirectory on Twitter.

@tania thank you for sharing this. It made me deeply thoughtful and I wrote up some of those thoughts.


My relationship with social media started changing a lot since the edgelord took over Twitter and I joined first Mastodon, and then Post.

This essay by @sethabramson@mstdn.social articulates and crystallises a shift in my thinking around how to use social media for advocacy. It's been coming on for some time, long before the Chief Twit arrived at Twitter HQ...


The Boston University School of Public Health is withdrawing from Twitter.

The dean’s thoughtful, nuanced explanation raises the question: Why are other institutions still there?


Please note:

Wear a mask not to get sick, not to protect hospital beds.

Yes, it is better to have a hospital bed if you need one, but it is much much better not to go there.

#covid #CovidIsNotOver #maskup #pandemic #prevention

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@blackknight95857669 thanks for your detailed reply.

@TheKinrar how does instances.social work? I didn't see a FAQ there. How does it determine whether or not to list a Mastodon instance in its database?

And for anyone, out of curiosity: for any random Mastodon instance, how can I verify that it is indeed Mastodon? Using Chrome on my Android phone, it still isn't obvious to me that counter.social is Mastodon. Maybe I need to use my laptop and load the html source?

I recall that the curses-based Lynx web browser will show the server software that is serving a page. Would that reveal Mastodon software to me?

Mastodon needs an option for client-side CSS

I've noticed that for most (all?) toots in my Tusky timeline, I see them as having 0 favorites and 0 boosts (reblogs). But when I tap a toot itself, I'll find that it often has many boosts and favorites.

In the Android Mastodon app, a toot in the timeline appears with the same number of boosts and favorites as when I tap on the toot.

Does anyone know why I'm not seeing those boosts and favorites for a toot from my Tusky timeline, BEFORE tapping the toot?

Is this a bug in Tusky?

What is Counter.Social?

At first I thought it was a Mastodon instance but it's not present in instances.social.

I know there's a website at that domain and an app in the Google Play Store, but does anyone know the back story?

I checked Wikipedia and Google and there's very little written about it that I could find.

@forestine @actuallyautistic

I also do this.

In my opinion, there's no in between. If the people you're with are too impatient to listen to your entire explanations then consider replacing them with more patient people.

I do worry about what we are losing, especially in the cyber security space. I really hope the security community mostly make it over here.

Happy Thanksgiving! And if your meal today includes teenagers, show them this, the Iranian protest anthem, dedicated to the extremely brave women who have been arrested and killed just for wanting...a normal life. Tell them to watch it more than once.


Here is some more context


We take so much for granted

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