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Guys I'm not trying to hijack this hashtag 🙄
But. I'm studying history at college atm. I am also trying to write a book titled ' growing up black '. I want to use my own experience of growing up in Houston TX. Not gonna lie I'm only 18 so not got too much to tell!
I really want to get y'all experiences of growing up black.
I want to try and include different stories in the book. Panning across generations you feel me. Tag me on ya posts please 🙏🏿
One love ❤️
Jaden xxx

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AOC on removing Omar from committee assignments:

“Don't tell me that this is about a condemnation of antiSemitic remarks when you have a member of the Republican caucus who has talked about Jewish space lasers and also elevated her to some of the highest committee assignments in this body…

This is about targeting women of color in the United States of America.”

✅ Someone tell me how antisemitic Republicans are also pro Zionist ?! ✅

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@DemocracyMatters When she was press secretary she consistently crapped all over the press and brow beat them like they didn’t matter. She lied to the American people and spewed propaganda with impunity. Her arrogance was beyond the pale as was her disdain for having to do her job.

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Far-right 'attack dog' #Jim #Jordan now enjoys greater 'power' than ever before: report

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Russia and Ukraine are waging a fierce war in the sky involving missiles, drones and air defense systems. Yet one thing makes this fight distinctive from previous air wars: pilots are extremely rare.

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Like seriously, if you're lost on something going on from the government, 95% of the time there's a GAO summary for that.

"I want to know if there are recent updates to Covid spending recs." There's a GAO for that!

"How was the US spending in X department last year?" Here you go!

"I don't get this tax bill-" GAO.

They don't cover everything, but it's often really thorough when they do, and again, nonpartisan.

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Why did the Union army defeat the Confederacy? One reason: Black men built and maintained the Union army's rail links, enabling the North to keep its troops well supplied. A photo from northern Virginia, taken in 1863.
from the next edition of our newsletter...
#CivilWar #history #photography

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Turkey Vulture

I wasn't going to post this photo because I don't particularly like how the photo came out or the composition. But today I change my mind ... about posting it anyway. It is a bit interesting.

"The Turkey Vulture’s stomach acid is extremely acidic, so Turkey Vultures can digest just about anything. This also allows them to eat carcasses tainted with anthrax, tuberculosis, and rabies without getting sick. By taking care of the carrion, vultures provide an essential service for the health of our ecosystems. Without them, carcasses would accumulate, and diseases would spread from rotting flesh."

#photo #photography #photographer #birds #birdwatching #birdsofmastodon #TurkeyVulture

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Rural Georgia

We drove by this old house in November 2022. My wife was driving, and I actually took this photo with my iPhone as we passed. It's a very small house, with a add on in the back, probably a kitchen. I wonder how old it is. My guess is that electricity was added sometime after it was built. I think that the house probably is older than the tree sitting at the front-door.

#photo #photography #photographer #house #architecture

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Republicans: I refuse to live in fear!

Also Republicans: OMG, one of those cartoon characters isn't white? Reeeeeeeeeeee!

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Powerful column by Adrian Walker on the killing of Tyler Lawrence.

“The killing of anyone so young would be shocking. But it might be magnified in his case, because those who loved him had such a keen sense of the danger he faced as a young Black man in this world, and such a fierce desire to keep him safe. To guide him through.” #boston

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Banning critical race theory from schools banning African American history from being taught at universities isn't about education it is about erasing black history it is about fear of 9/11 it is about fear of blacks coming out to vote because they when they vote democrats win. Everything they are doing isn't because they care it is about fear and its time we start telling the American people that. #politics

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I just got laid off from Okta, so if you are looking for a very good cybersecurity risk manager with 20 years of experience and a great track record, hit me up.

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@ruedi @Justine @gcblasing @QasimRashid

Comparing this with UK average high school sizes, 4400 kids is about 4-5 whole schools. I don't know any other country in the World which would tolerate this in "peacetime" (or TBH if USA can even be classed as being in peacetime)

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Children killed annually by mass education of Black history: 0

Children killed annually by mass book reading: 0

Children killed annually by drag shows: 0

Children killed annually by mass shootings & firearms: 4400

GOP: The only way to protect our kids is ban history, ban books, ban drag, and arm more kids with guns.

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Timothy Snyder writes — and he's absolutely correct,

"Russian support for Trump put us on this timeline: the one with the covid deaths, the Putin worship, the coup attempt, the Big Lie. But the enduring source of pain, I think, is our half-awareness that this did not have to happen, that we could have done better in 2016, that our institutions let us down."

#Russia #Trump #Putin #BigLie #CharlesMcGonigal #FBI


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~ Attn: Michigan Voters ~ Prepare Right Now, Organize, Volunteer, Donate ~ You Will Be Having A Very Competitive Senate Race In Your Battleground State In 2024 ~ #politics

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