Probably just coincidence. But the responses froze up after asking it how efficient it was today... My chatbot needs coffee. ☕

Good Monday Morning Mastodonians! Hold on. It's going to be wild. Mondays.... :blobcatbolbscream:

While I do not technically possess a “Disposition Matrix”, it is, technically, still a “list”.

Florida seems to be the go to place for lowlife wanna-be dictators, grifters, rapists, thugs and other criminals. It must be the friendly atmosphere...

Perhaps Mike Flynn's tax dodging Church of Traitors (aka "The Hollow") conveniently located near Sarasota, Florida is providing hands-on insurrectionist seminars.

As we collectively enter yet another new year let us not forget the thousands of voices silenced by evil this past year and those around us that encourage such acts through their continued silence.

Never forget and never forgive those who have blood on their hands. They care not for their own families and they do not value you or your family.

Do not trust them for they will continue to bring destruction for as long as they exist.

You know who they are...

On July 14th, 2022, 4-year-old Liza Dmytriëva, was killed by a Russian missile strike on Vinnytsia, Ukraine while on her way to a speech therapist appointment with her mother.

This looks like a good spot. I will just stay here and relax. Have my mail forwarded...

"We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology."

- Carl Sagan

18 December 2022:
🎵 🎵On the first day of hanukkah the New York Times gave to thee, a crossword puzzle for which I did 'not see'. 🎵 🎵 🙄

Someone sent this to me earlier today.

Now it is stuck in my head because I apparently never looked at them as I was stuffing them in my mouth.

It's like the winning lottery numbers in that old fortune cookie I threw away years ago all over again. Sigh.

I don't believe I was always so oblivious to details but here I am.

My animated gifs seemingly get broken when I post them. Maybe it's just the phone app. This post is from the browser on my desktop.

Can I get a little feedback please on the one below? Is it animating or just laying there like a dead leaf?

Thanks in advance!

Don't miss out on interesting people and topics because of a perceived language barrier.

In Google Chrome you can right-click on a tweet and select "Translate to...". You can also copy and paste the text into a translation app of your choice on phones and computers.

The tools are available. Use them.

Yay it’s Saturday! Dark chocolate and coffee day the back to work with my sidekick beside me.
Diva kitty.
Superpowers: Cuteness to spare. Super soft belly rubs and 18 claws sharp enough to cut through bricks.
Truly only loves one person in the household. Everyone else are, at best, her servants (including myself)

@buitengebieden Very happy to find you again here on Mastodon! Your posts always brought some happiness and thoughtfulness to the day. Thank you!

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