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Some called my testimony a charge sheet against Modi.

It is. Modi has committed atrocities against minority communities ever since he became a public official.

First it was Gujarat. Now it’s Kashmir, Assam & the mob lynchings across India.

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3 Big Factors that favour Congress in the 15 by-elections

1️⃣ Maharashtra Govt formation

2️⃣ Defeat of Op-Kamala across India

3️⃣ Anharara Notu, Arharige Votu - People are angry with disqualified MLAs. How much ever money they spend to win, it won't matter

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I am persuaded that a majority of the people in India are as stupid as Modi. And as vicious.

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Tweets doing the rounds saying "mothers should teach their sons better". Really? No matter what, it's the women who are responsible for everything, apparently.

A child's development is affected by multiple factors, not just one. They learn from their family as well as from their surroundings.

So when you, the society, shows him that it's easy to blame and treat women (the way people do) and get away with anything, that's what he learns.

Indian Politics mirrors the philosophy of its majority fake religion so well....

"All sins are forgiven to the powerful and there are no sins in the pursuit of power. That which is sin is only a result of the failure to achieve power"

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8 बजे तक #GoBackModi ये ट्रेंड कीजिये। झारखंड को लुटेरे नरेंद्र मोदी के फिर एक बार बहकाने से बचाये। आप सभी का झारखंड और आदिवासियत को बचाने का साथ व सहयोग झारखण्डी इतिहास में याद किया जायेगा। कि हम जल, जंगल, जमीन के डकैतों और लुटेरों से लड़े थे।

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NCP+ bol rahe inke paas 162 MLA hai, BJP+ bol rahi hai unke paas 170 MLA hai, Motabhai lagta hai Gujarat se MLA import karenge 😲 lagta hai

So when is Maharashtra's other infamous son Dawood Ibrahim going to join BJP and relieve the legal system of all the cases he has notched up?

#MaharashtraPolitics #AjitPawar

Jitna lamba Maharashtra ka khel chalega utni der Sanjay Raut ka Mushaira cahlega.

An Ex Army men says Death for death and rape for rape.
What i can say Im Ashamed to be a part of this Society that im living in pr even worst im ashamed of being a Human

How can i anymore say that In a proud Indian

I had been using PDF X-Changer for long time. Recently came to know about Foxit Reader and it has been far far better.

The UI is so smooth. And there are lot of options to work on the PDF file.

Even the Mobile app is quite good too.

Would highly recommend.

Aaj kal Gobizee koi bhi new Project ka Inauguration nhi kr rahe, Congress k start kiye hue project khatam haogaye lagata

Why is Smriti Irani so keen to sell off NTCL?

Union Minister for Textile has ignored proposals to revive NTCL and shunted out bureaucrats who favoured the proposals. Her whimsical decisions are also said to have hastened demise of the sick PSU


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