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Hi! Excited to join this decentralized social network. I am currently doing my Master's in Production Engineering.

I am a nerd. I love everything and anything about Math. Apart from that I like and follow .

I like to talk about and Music too!

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A visual proof why 1+3+5+...+(2n-1)=n²


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This is the largest prime such that the first n digits are divisible by the nth prime

8 is divisible by 2
87 is divisible by 3
875 is divisible by 5

New year, new motivation: With email & calendar, we're getting closer to the ultimate goal of leaving Google entirely! 🍾😀 Here are more alternatives to help you achieve a Google-free 2020:

New year, new rights.

Here's everything you need to know about the California Consumer Privacy Act. #CCPA tweeted by @Firefox

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In 1997, the Texas banker Andrew Beal noticed that for any solution of Aˣ+Bʸ=Cᶻ he could find, A,B,and C had a common factor (e.g. 3⁶+18³=3⁸, 3 is a common factor). There's currently a $1 million prize for a proof or counterexample of the Beal conjecture.

Happy New Year QOTO!

“Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.”

Hope y'all had a great start of the year. Even if not, then also it will only get better.

@freemo @shibaprasad Self-regulation by an educated population is the best approach, on my Liberal, Socialist view.

"Let them crash and burn, that'll teach them" right wing extremism is neither humane not a solution.

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Here's why the circle has 360 degrees: around 2400 B.C., the ancient Sumerians noticed the Sun's annual path across the sky was ~ 360 days. In order to track the Sun's motion, they decided to divide the circle in 360 degrees.

Population Growth trends in an easy to assimilate form. Watch the huge growths in Africa, Asia. Birth control is needed, we can't keep going like that and keep the Planet and people in good shape.

Awesome interactive graphic showing future population growth ... watch Africa population explode while the develop world remains constant #…

Loving my new homepage and new page tabs! Tabliss extension on Waterfox.

It was 9 degrees C outside and I had one of the best runs! Can't wait to get back tomorrow.


27th Dec

National anthem "Jana Gana Mana" written by was first sung in the Session of the Indian National Congress in 1911.

It was officially adopted by the Constituent Assembly as the national anthem on 24th Jan 1950

Except Reddit (Boost for Mobile) I like using Desktop web version for almost all social media outlets. Is it only me or anyone else feels the same?!

Wise words, John was a great #writer. #Slowly getting the point across.

RT from Shibaprasad at Qoto : #xp

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